Will this phase end?

My boyfriend dared me to do a gangbang. I let 6 guys take turns fucking me. I liked it. I liked it so much that I am ganging once a week with up to 11 guys so far. I want to stop but cannot.
Is this just a phase, I'm 22. Or will it become so overwhelming I will always the town slut?

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  • One question:

    Can you stop, yes or no...

    There's your answer!

  • Guys and their silly little fantasies.

  • Let us know how to find you next time you want a mega dicking.

  • HOT. Did you know the 6 guys, or were they strangers?

    Do they cum inside you?

  • Complete strangers and yes they all came inside, I was dripping cum it seemed like forever.

  • Not a phase, well I got one hope not, I want my wife to go through that phase

  • Where are you? I’m coming to join in. Do you use condoms or bare back?

  • It’s not a phase

  • Sorry, it’s not a phase, you’re a slut

  • Just keep it up and by 23 you’re pussy should be all worn out not counting some STD ‘s

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