I've been living with a friend whom I've known for about 13 years. I'm 36, she is 53, and her husband is 46. My boyfriend is in federal prison for 3 years. I'd been homeless and basically been working part-time, since that is all I could get. I was happy that my friend let me move in, with my dog included.

My friend's husband works from home as a website designer. We spend a lot of time at home, and yes, we talk and there is chemistry.

While my friend is away, I screw her husband on occasion. I feel guilty about it, but fucking him is really good. He's never going to leave his wife, but we put our parts together and it is lovely. I'll stop once I can get a new boyfriend. My friend has no idea I'm fucking her guy.

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  • Since you are single, you can legitimately be a second wife to the guy. See if you can raise the topic with your friend then you can stay and enjoy more openly what you already have.

  • Hmmm... truth always outs. Enjoy living under a bridge.

    And when you DO get caught, please leave your dog with them. The dog doesn't deserve to be homeless because you are an ungrateful swine.

  • You sound like you have this all figured out . What do you do when you get another boy toy and your friend's hubby doesn't like the change ? He could fall for you , then what would you do ? Remember, you don't want to hurt your friend, you remember her, the woman who's husband you are fucking.

  • As long as your friend doesn't know that you are banging her husband, it's fine. Stay off the grid and keep it private.

  • Some friend you are. Your friend is nice enough to give you a place to stay, a warm ace with a roof over your head, and you return the favor by banging her husband. How low can you be? Seriously.

  • Typical whore

  • If true you are no friend to this woman at all. You are in fact just human garbage .

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