Deserved or undeserved

We visit once a year with my sister for the holidays. We either go to their place or they come over. We live quite apart so we spend a week or two together. Our husbands get along very well, which makes it easier. I get along with her husband too and she with mine so I spend as much time with her as with her husband and viceversa. One day she went out with my husband and the kids to a baseball game and her husband and I stayed at home cooking and baking. He told me he wanted to tell me something but he wanted that I don't get offended or in any way bothered. He asked to please turn the page and move on if I didn't want to consider it. He confessed that my sister doesn't want to have sex and that they haven't done it in three years. He told me he tried to convince her in multiple ways for around two years but he gave up. He told me he watches a lot of porn and masturbates to compensate for their lack of sex. He told me he doesn't think she has an affair because she's always at work or with him but if she is, well, good for her. He told me she's always complaining about their financial situation and she blames him for it. He told me that he thought that my sister and I have similar personalities and told me that if I was in the same situation to consider having sex with him once a year during the holidays. I was perplexed but I kept doing stuff to avoid eye contact. I couldn't talk. He told me that he knows some women may want to avoid sex out of self consciousness so if that was my case I didn't have to remove all my clothes but only the indispensable and we could do it in the dark. He insisted that I didn't need to be offended but turn the page and move one. He said he knows it would be catastrophic if our spouses would find out but told me it would be hard for them to find out since we are all very close and are used to spend time with one another alone. I told him I was not facing the same situation I made it clear that my husband pounds me very hard and very much but I really felt sorry for him. I am ten years his younger but definitely a little self conscious about my muffin tops however that doesn't refrains me from undressing and getting at it in daylight. He looked so aroused by confessing and proposing all that to me that I asked him to please pull it out for I was going to console him out of mercy. He was as hard as a rock but as soon as I touched him it went off and discharged a decent load on my shirt. I felt good for him, he seemed very pleased, I figured that coming on a girl was way more satisfying than on himself. He was my oldest sister boyfriend since a was a little girl and I always looked up to him actually I used to have an innocent crush on him when I was 6 or 8 and knowing what his marriage has become made me very sad and sorrowful. Anyways I took of my shirt to rinse it but he told me not to but hang it instead for it would evaporate as it does from his underwear every time he satisfies himself. Now I was shirtless and actually kind of turned on. That was the only time I had touched another man in my 15 years of marriage but for some reason I didn't feel like a cheater but like a merciful woman. He hugged me hard in gratefulness, kissed me several times in my neck and whispered thank you in my ear, which made me both aroused and merciful at the same time. I let him express his gratitude not offering any resistance to his signs of affection and soon I found myself on the couch with his head between my legs eating me out through my panties. He said that my smell reminded him of my sister's because we smell alike so he felt like he was eating his wife, which made me feel compassionate. I was helping a person in need, more than that a brother in need, and that made me feel good. I told him I was glad he felt like at home I responded favorably to his moves. I even let out a couple of moans to make him feel wanted, I know how good my husband feels when I show I'm liking it. I turned to my side and reached down to him, he was hard again so I began stroking him as he ate me. Pretty soon we were both giving hand jobs one another. At that point I began feeling I was cheating because I was liking it very much more than he was. He did wonders with those fingers, he reached sensitive erogenous areas I'm sure my husband had never touched. At that point I new I was cheating but it was too late to resist. I lost control of myself and completely surrendered to him. He made feel so much pleasure I couldn't do anything but begging him for more and more. I even lost my anal virginity to him that afternoon of lust.


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  • Well i am a deserving person. i am going financially down. i need more money. i never have enough lately paying for courses that sarina russo, bowi or all the people who assaulted me like rick and katey and bec should have paid for. why can't the govt force them to pay for some of my medical bills and education and holidays seeing they had so much fun abusing me. ken should pay and rsl and leigh and anyone who wronged me should help pay the taxation should make rape victims and child abuse victims get discounts on so many things its so are we supposed to get ahead.

  • Boring.....Zzzzzzzzzz

  • I see right through this post! Bullshitttt

  • Yeah you're a liar aren't You?

  • Agreed

  • You did more for him than what you may know. I lived his life before. It's a life of being continual rejected. It is a life of feeling unwanted and taken for granite. Finally someone cared enough about him not to reject him.

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