She wants me to what?

So I have this friend that lives a few states away. We meet up once a year or so and catch up, hang out, and have sex. The first time we did this we were in college heading up to her dorm room in an elevator. I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her pretty hard. She told me she wanted me to follow her back to her room and 'rape' her. I went with her and once we got into her room I forced her onto the ground and forced myself in her. When I was done we made out some more and she told me that she loved it.

Over the years we've met up like this and she always wants to push the envelope further. I've ripped her clothes off in a hotel room, I've cuffed her and choked her to near unconsciousness, I even 'ambushed' her in her apartment. It's a lot of fun but she always want to up the ante. The last time we did this she was a bruised and trembling cum covered mess. I'm into the fetish but I don't want to permanently hurt her you know? Any thoughts?

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  • I'm the exact same way. I love it rough. I wear long sleeves and sweaters most of the time because I don't want people to see the bruises. But if a guy isn't slapping me, choking me out, pulling me hair, or leaving my ass burning from being beat I can't get off. I love it. Rough sex is the best especially with the right guy who is dominate and rough enough.

  • First off make sure you have a safety word. That way you can really push it to the limit. Second find a way to record her giving expressed consent. That way you are protected legally. Then go to town.

  • This is not that uncommon of a fetish. I had a two year long relationship with a married woman who loved to be forced /raped. She would set up different scenarios whenever she could get away from her husband. It ranged from her broke down on the side of the road ,me picking her up and "raping" her in the car to me breaking into their cabin and "raping" her . For her she got off on the feeling of helplessness and the taboo things she would come up with ie. dressing up as a nun or bringing pictures of her family and having them arranged in the room so it seemed we were right in her bedroom. She liked the idea that she was getting raped in front of her wedding picture and pictures of her teen son and daughter. We had to be careful about leaving marks because she could only explain away so many bruises.

    If you are worried about hurting physically I think the next step would be to bring in another man . That way its move forced sex instead of the violence you seem worried about.

  • Sounds to me like you’ve gone as far as you can possibly go with this! Maybe beyond where you should have stopped with that last one. She might be into it but what if someone else gets wind of it and calls the cops. Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE she would back you up? How into the fantasy is she? What if upping the ante was her desire but you just can’t top “last time” and then suddenly the cops show up from someone else reporting a disturbance, and she’s so “into the moment” that she just goes with it and plays the part of the rape victim to get the high she craves and that means seeing you arrested?

    Then once she’s into it this deep there’s no going back. Either admit it was false accusation, or let it ride. She sees you how often? Do you really even know her anymore?

    I’d run, personally. Do you like what you did? Aside from her being consensual in it, this is as close to rape as you can get. You raped her. Only difference is, she wanted it. How much more does she need?

  • Um....don't hurt her?

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