Doctor, doctor

Between the ages of seventeen and twenty whenever he was around I'd let him examine my breasts, pussy and ass.
He was my dads doctor, but
came to see me one afternoon when I was sick. He examined me in our home, with my mom present and my dad downstairs as usual.
Smiling at my mom, he asked her, not me, if he should give me the 'special treatment'. My mom nodded without saying a word and that's when he removed my panties.
Putting his head between my legs, my daddies doctor, with her watching on, licked my pussy, ass and clit until I climaxed.
Telling my mom to go to her room once I'd settled down from my orgasm, he said he'd be along shortly. Feeling my breasts through my top, he spoke to me about how to make myself better, but also added he'd be back the following day to continue my 'special treatment'.
I listened as he entered my moms bedroom and heard him telling her his cock needed attention. It wasn't hard to hear through those thin walls, her sucking him off. Then I heard them fucking as he was telling mom, my dads monthly fee was paid.
Dad had a serious car accident and couldn't work again. He'd lost a leg and his other leg was next to no use. He slept downstairs and pretty much lived in the house all the time, hardly ever going out. But he needed medical attention every week. Medical attention we couldn't then afford.
The doctor who visited our home was paid in a different way, fucking my mom for nearly a year and then me.
He did pay me another visit the following day and again spent a long time between my legs, with his mouth and tongue making me better.
After a couple of weeks without him giving me any 'special treatment' he drove over with my parents at the hospital. It was then I found out why mom moaned so much when he fucked her.
His penis is still the largest I've ever had fuck my pussy and ass. I was a virgin when he entered my bedroom that day, and I was totally his by the time he walked out.
He continued to visit every week and would alternate between mom and me. But he also began to meet me outside of my parents 'arrangement', and we'd spend time at a motel room.
My dad passed away when I was twenty, and mom immediately stopped the visits. I however continued to meet our family doctor once or twice a week, until one week it wasn't he who turned up to drive me to the motel, it was his wife.
All this was over forty years ago. We were poor and the doctor who's now dead, took advantage of that situation.
Nevertheless, I have to say he was an amazing lover and I miss even to this day his enormous cock, and how he made love to me.
I'd never have let anyone take advantage of my kids, but my memory of my dads doctor, is one of fondness and love.

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  • Sounds like that Doctor's special treatments definitely made you feel much better. Did you ever ask your mom how her special payments to that Doctor got started? Had to behave yourself when his wife picked you up that one day?

  • Doctor, doctor give me the news. I got a back case for fucking you.

  • CRAP

  • Doesn't the dead doctor have any sons that you could fuck?

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