Answer the door naked

One time my wife and I rented a small house on vacation. We had picked up several bottles of sparkling wine from one of the local wineries and we retired to a front bedroom to get naked and enjoy. It was a warm afternoon. After drinking more than a bottle anf fucking , we got a little hungry, so we ordered a pizza. They said it would be awlile, so we went bsck into the bedroom and she started sucking my dick again. We lost track of time and soon there was a knock at our door. My wife looked at my hard dick and said that she should answer the door. I looked out the window and saw there was a pretty young lady on the porch at the door.
My wife grabbed a towel and headed out. The only problem was that it was a small towel and when she wrapped it around her, she wasn't quite covered. She got her 38D's in up top, but her butt wasn't quite covered as she walked to the door and opened it.
Her and the young lady seemed to be hitting it off, chatting away. I looked out and there was my wife, now stark naked, talking to this hottie in tight, hiphuggers. She called out to me that she couldn't find her money, so I walked around the corner with my hard dick on display. The hottie said she could come back later for the money after her shift was over.
We thought that was a good idea and opened up another bottle of bubbly. We moved into the living room and waited for the delivery girl to return. My wife sat on a chair facing the front door and propped up her legs on the arms, exposing her shaved pussy that was now quite glistening from use. I kneeled down and started licking her luscious pussy.
Before long, there was a knock at the door again, and my wife said I should answer it this time, which I did. It was the hottie again now off duty. She had picked up a bottle of wine. We invited her in and she saw my wife sitting there with her pussy on display and fondling her breasts. She said, you look good enough to eat, and kneeled down in front of her and licked away. She pulled off her frilly top revealing her full, perky, young breasts. Unfastenen her jeans and went back down to lick my wifes pussy, sticking her butcrack-showing ads up I the air. I walked over and rubbed The head of my penis up and down her crack. She pulled her jeans all The way down and I had access to her clean shaved asshole and pussy.
The three of us continued to drink bubbly and have sex in many different ways till the wee hours. I hadn't realized that my wife liked girls so much, but she really liked this one. The hottie also went after her body as much as she did mine. Anyway we all three were very happy after.
We said we would look her up again the next time we were in town, but, of course, we never saw her again.

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  • 1/13/18 - I just ordered food for delivery, yes this is the same woman referred to below as the slut waiting in the hallway. I will share my experience in a new story tomorrow for those of you who love to read of this fetish.

  • What will be the title ?
    I hope it's not a pizza from the son that takes his dad around or you might end up with a size ten boot up the arse and giant kick in the cunt, if it was would that stop you ?

  • My guess is that he would get a blow job and probably also caress my body getting his thrill out of it then brag to friends and family that he defended his son with his size 10 boot.

  • I really, really wish I could walk in on you naked on all fours with your bum high, I would drop such a kick in your arse it would never ever be the same and so painful if someone tried to fuck you there also I would do the same to your cunt so far in probably the shoe would have to stay there, how do you feel about that you slut ?

  • I am so very proud of the nice lady here that is standing up to these fetish freaks, Darling you have slayed them they cannot argue against your straight forward, common sense against exploitation and you really show you are by far much better educated and sensible.
    Thank you Darling you appear to have shut them down, good on you xx

  • OH me again I notice you don't have any likes and that must also go for your supportive replies

  • I liked it.

  • Clowns, half wit's and fetish dick heads probably do also but I am sure you may have had trouble retaining your attention span for such a long text plus there were some very big words that maybe you didn't understand EH ?
    Roll another one.

  • Some very strange people here think this is very funny well think about it for a minute these delivery people are Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Grandchildren just trying to make a better life and honest dollar you exploit them for your own twisted sexual or dominant satisfaction.
    Particularly to the slut that await's them in the hall how would you like it if your husband OH sorry you don't have one do you ? no wounder or a son or daughter saw that ?

  • Exploit them? I get dominant satisfaction? I am a slut that awaits them in the hallway? Why are you even reading stories on this site then? Not even referring to any delivery guys I have been flashed, felt up and asked many dirty things over the years from perfect strangers who I am sure are Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters.
    I have found that I always get complimented, no one is forcing them to receive a blow job, no one is making them stay, pulling their hands down onto my breasts. I even told of one man who looked at me and left the food on the table then took the money and walked out without so much as a comment.

  • All we did was show our naked bodies. If she didn't like what she saw, she could have just taken our money for the pizza and left. No, she herself suggested that she come back after her shift. We didnt force her into doing anything she didn't want to do.

  • OH dear again I am so sorry obviously not any of your fault please read down four replies for my advice to the other slut, same goes for you two

  • At least you know of one decent man !!!!!

  • I go on these sites so I can teach my children the dangers that exist out there what to be aware of and how best to deal with the situation should any arise but I suppose you think that is irresponsible caring, you are proud of your disgusting action's and attitudes aren't you, I hope one day you wake up

  • Sure, you really go on these sites to teach your kids of the perils in the world. Be careful kids, you might occasionally see naked people out there. Oh the horrors.
    You might want to teach them about the really bad and dangerous stuff out there, not just naked people.
    Again, all we did was to show our naked bodies to someone. What they did about it was entirely their choice.

  • OH I am so sorry that explains everything, it is all your victims fault just because you are planning and setting the circumstances you are obviously resolved of any fault or guilt at all, it now amazes me that you don't scream rape.
    I really think you should spend quite a lot more time at your local church especially in the confessional.

  • People make their own choices. This person did. He came back of his own accord

  • Victim? Who was the victim? You really don't have any idea, do you. There was no rape, there was no victim, just three people wanting to have some fun. Everyone was in agreement. No one did anything they didn't want to.
    Perhaps you should spend more time in your church, instead of misreading naughty posts.

  • No prizes for second just please, please try and wake up and be at least some what decent, think if you and your wife didn't try to influence the situation to your own sexual advantage "would the end result be that you enjoyed a nice meal and a nice young girl headed back to work a delivery well done"

  • My son does pizza deliveries and had a male customer who used to answer the door with his cock hanging out, next time he went there I had him pick me up on the way, I took the pizza to the door and rang the bell when the dirty old man opened it wide and his dick was hanging out I kicked him so hard in the groin he buckled up in absolute agony then I opened the pizza and tipped it all over him. I had to pay for it but my son has never had a delivery there again.

  • You sir are my hero my daughter experiences this crap about once every three weeks it is very upsetting for her but she needs the money for nice cloth's etc. she is doing uni and it's not easy getting a decent part time job where you can nominate your free hours, I am going to get her to log the addresses where these half wits live and have my son a part time bouncer in a seedy part of town "he can handle himself" go around and see how they end up I don't want my husband to find out he would just go straight for the gun.
    To the people that are doing this just be careful your victims may get you back in a big way

  • We have a full wall mirror positioned so anyone at the front door can totally see into the dinning room when we have a take away my wife poses naked in the the dinning room playing with her shaved pussy or nice tits, while I answer the door leave it wide open because my wallet is in the bedroom to give the driver a real lengthy perv, usually when I return the young guys have a hand over their crutch

  • That’s hot.

  • Proud of yourself I suppose ?

  • At home I wear sexy panties with matching bra, suspenders, stockings, heels and make my face up but don't often do my wig, both my wife and I like it, when we order take away I always answer the door like that well you should see some of the looks I get a couple of times they have bolted without taking the money so I have phoned the store to send them back if that happens my wife will then answer the door dressed similar to I the poor delivery people must be very confused.

  • Well I for one find that even though a story is poorly written not all of us are great at telling one. I am a woman, 46 years old, divorced and have on numerous occasions wrote about delivery sex. I do it often waiting naked in the entryway waiting for the doorbell to ring. My stories have been on here and I am not the best writer myself but the stories are true.

  • Exactly. I just told my story about breastfeeding my Fed Ex Guy. Hopefully they will post it soon.

  • Just read them I have no reason to believe they are not true, WOW you sound like a real slut but I think I would enjoy being your delivery man

  • What are some of your stories? I would like to read them. By the way, this really did happen.

  • Type "Delivery" in the search box. Mine are "I love delivery guys", "Delivery guy fetish" and "Delivery guy". Thinking about doing it tonight, the guys have it rough with this flipping cold weather.

  • Sorry it is actually Delivery driver for the last one.

  • Just TRY to make it real.!! Fuck this! If I wouldn’t do it... I know it’s fake!!!!!!!!

  • Come on Buddy do you expect anyone to believe this, a nice story, well put down and quite horny to the read keep up the good work, you can admit some of your posts are fiction OK ?

  • What do you actually think people fabricate confessions, stories or questions on this site goodness what a twisted imagination you have your not educated
    to the extent that is required to determine the truth of these peoples posts this one is very questionable but my wife and I think 20% may be actually fact we do like reading all that appear though

  • I don't do fiction

  • Crap well maybe your story could be better referred to as lies EH ?
    You do a lot of posts don't you, nothing wrong with that but don't expect that they are taken as being true

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