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Well... Im 38 and I've been married to my wife for five years now. She doesn't know it but I've got a secret. About 14 years ago, I was just out of the Army and back at my parents house trying to get my life together. I spent a lot of time applying for jobs on the internet and one day while searching, I got horny as all hell and started looking at personals. I met a few women and had some pretty amazing sex, so I kept going. I met this older woman let's call her Theresa, who had a post up saying that she was looking for a younger man... which got my interest. She was in her early 40s and had some really impressive tits. We exchanged emails for a few weeks and even though she was busy, she met me at her house on her lunch break. She told me her sad story that her husband had left her for a woman that was my age and she wanted to prove to herself that she could have a younger man. We made out, and I sucked on those amazing tits. She led me back to her bedroom where we fucked for a good hour culminating in me pumping her pussy FULL of cum. I made more awkward small talk and left. We tried on several occasions to make it happen again, but nothing ever materialized. Fast forward 10 years or so later and I met an amazing and very beautiful woman. Lets call her Karen. She was 10 years younger than me which made me feel like I had won the lottery. We had seen each other for a couple months and fucked like rabbits. She loved that I "knew what I was doing" and I loved her tight little body and gorgeous blue eyes. One fine afternoon she invited me over to meet her mother, which honestly I was looking forward to. The drive seemed familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place the reason why. It was like the worst case of deja Vu that I have ever had. When I walked into the kitchen I about had a heart attack because standing there in front of me was Theresa. I'm sure she recognized and remembered me from our past encounter, but neither of us have ever said a word even to each other about it. I married Karen eventually and now we have two sons together. I have never spoken a word about what happened between Theresa and I to anyone... Until now.


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  • Same with me but a twist, I hooked up with a silver daddy type that was an ex military officer and years later I met a hot younger woman, first time I met her parents.... you guessed it, it was him. He had gotten older but better looking and had a full head of trimmed silver hair. That night I fucked the wife so hard thinking of him. Want to know more?

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  • Well after a while we had to start playing around. They women go shopping and we hit the bed. I love to feel of him on top of me, kissing me and his nice sized cock grinding into me. I usually suck his cock till he comes and then we kiss again. I too him from behind on the side and fuck him til I cum. Then we fall asleep together with my cock inside him. Wake up before they get home and shower. We play once or twice a week now. He has other military play buds we are going to meet.

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