I like being seen in g strings

I have always wanted my underwear to be smaller and smaller, so when I discovered g strings, I thought I had found the ultimate. I couldn't find them in stores, so i ordered them mail order. I found this one company that sold white cotton strings that came in xtra small size. To begin with, I ordered just size small. When I got them, they were too big. I am slender built but with a good sized package. These smalls were just too big. I contacted the company and they said that I could return them, but I noticed that they were located just about an hour's drive away, so I asked if I could come in and exchange them. They said that would be fine. So the next day i drove down, found their nondescript place with just a name on the front. I went in, told them what I was there for, and the young man behind the counter suggested that I try on the xtra small g string while I was there. I said fine, and he escorted me through a room with a lot of young men and women at sewing machines sewing what looked like very small pieces of fabric, to a room just off to the side. He said that i could change in there. I stripped, and pulled on one of the xtra small strings he had given me. They felt good, just enough fabric in front to cover and the fabric strip up the ass just came up to the top of my butt crack. I looked around for a mirror, didn't find one, so I came out into the room. Several people turned to look as I came out wearing just the tiniest g string. I didn't see my host, so I walked back along the side of the room out to the lobby. I could feel eyes on my butt as I walked. When I looked back, the people looking just smiled and went back to their sewing. My host said I could just wear them if I wanted. I told him I did as I was on my way to the beach after this. I retrieved my clothes, and several sewers said goodbye, come let us see you again.
Later at the beach, I walked from the parking lot down to a bit less crowded part and pulled off my shorts revealing my little g string. I started walking down the beach in the skimpiest thing that I have ever worn there. A couple in small bikinis walked by, looked and smiled, but didn't say anything. Later a young fit guy walked towards me obviously looking at my little pouch. When he came close, he asked me about my little string. He looked me over front and back and asked if he could feel the fabric. I said it was fine, and he felt the soft cotton and the head of my penis just beneath. I kind of jumped and he said sorry. Asked me where i had gotten the string and said he would like to try wearing one. I told him how to get in touch with me, as I had nothing to write on, and said that if he wanted company, I would like to come to the beach with him both in our g strings. When he left, I hadn't noticed, but my dick had swollen so the entire shaft of my penis was visible, the little pouch just covering the head.
I thought I better let it go down a bit before walking, so I went over to some nearby rock outcroppings and sat. Presently, a young lady came by topless, wearing just a small g string herself. She turned and walked directly up to me and said she thought my g string was a little small for me, and looked down at my still kind of swollen dick. She asked me if i minded, and I thought, I wouldn't mind anything you have a mind to do. She reached down, pulled down my little piece of fabric, and let out my now rising again dick, bent over sticking her bare butt up in the air, and started sucking on my dick. After going up and down my dick with her lovely mouth, my dick was hard, hard. She stood up and slipped off her g string, and rubbed her shaved pussy right in front of me, spreading her lips apart, licking her fingers and rubbing herself. I couldn't take any more, so i stood up, moved her over to the rocks and angled my dick right to that lovely pussy, and slid in. She was wet enough. We fucked there on the rocks for passersby to see until we both came massively. When finished, we got up and gave each other a great hug and said what fun that was. She pulled on her little g string and continued on down the beach, waving by and wiggling her cute little butt. I sat on the rocks and tried to catch my breath, thinking I really have to wear this little g string to the beach again.

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  • What beach is this where the women wear so little?

  • It’s very intriguing to me how women wear thongs, and g strings! The thought of a thin piece of fabric between those beautiful ass cheeks and trying to cover the holy grail a woman’s pink delicious rosebud! Her asshole. Isn’t it uncomfortable having something between your ass and riding up you crack and asshole?

  • It was in Santa barbara.

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