My first g string

I bought my first of many g strings when I was living in LA. One of the girls I worked with suggested that I check out Venise Beach, so on one of my days off, I went down there.
The place was very crowded with not a place to park, so I drove across Venice to park in a large parking lot by the beach. From there, I walked up along a crowded promenade lined with many small shops. As I was walking along, a young lady came out into the walk from a side area. She was wearing only a small thong backed bikini. I was thrilled to watch her walk right in front of me showing her bare but to everyone.
Eventually the walk reached the main beach, so I went out to a well attended beach. I was wearing some short blue jean shorts with no underwear, and I felt really good. I was pretty barely covered, but nothing showed unless I squat or sat down. I was amazed that on this beach all of the girls were topless and seeming everyone was sporting bare butts. I though that this was going to be my favorite beach.
I walked over to an attractive guy laying on his belly showing a bare ass with just a string up the butt. He turned over, revealing a pouch in front that just barely covered his package. I squatted down next to him feeling my penis head peek out of my shorts. I said, Sorry to bother you, but I love what you are wearing. Where can I get one of those? He told me of a small shop in a mall that I knew, so my next day off, I was looking them up.
At the end of a hall in the mall I found this shop. I went in and looked around. There were two young guys behind the counter. They had shorts, t shirts, and such. On the counter I found what I though i was looking for. Small pouch in front and two straps in back. I selected a size small and ask if I could try them on. One of the guys directed me to a small dressing room behind the counter that had a curtain across the entry that was not quite wide enough. I went in anyway closing the curtain behind me the best I could. Around the room were pictures of guys with big dicks lounging over big trucks and such. Lots of testosterone in this little room. Anyway Is stripped down and pulled on what turned out to be a jock strap. The straps in back went around the sides of my butt leaving the rest completely bare.
I opened the curtain and said that I had a question. The guy was right there and asked how I liked what I had on. I turned around to show him my bare butt and said, I was looking for something that had a strip of fabric going up my butt crack not around the sides. He reached over and ran his finger up my butt crack, You mean like this? I agreed. He said, you need a g string and pulled a basket full of size small from the counter. He said, Take that jock strap off and take these g strings into the dressing room and choose what you like. So I pulled off the jock strap, fully naked behind the counter for a second. There were a few other customers, but no one seemed to notice. I took the basked back into the dressing room with me, rummaged through, and chose a shiny black one. I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. It was perfect, just reaching the top of my butt crack and barely the top of my penis in front. I was really glad that I was clean shaven of my pubic hair.
I heard the clerk from the still open curtain say, Those look great on you. He had been watching me the whole time. I got dressed and wore just that shiny black g string to the beach for a long time after that.

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  • Would you send me the ones you no longer wear? Especially if you've masturbated in them

  • It's all fun & games till you're charged with in-decent exposure.

  • As long as your penis and balls and ass hole are covered, it is not generally indecent exposure.

  • It's a good point though. Some locations may not allow such garments.

  • Not many places do. That's why it is so much fun when you find one that does.

  • In your experience how have girls responded?

  • They like it very much. I have made some new friends on the beach when they and I are both in g strings. I have had girls come up to me and say how they like it that I am so comfortable with my body that I can show it off like this. I am a thin guy also, so I may be able to pull it off where someone heavier may not.

  • Glad to hear that. I'm relatively thin as well with a decent body so I think I could pull it off. I feel like it would be the ultimate sign of confidence to wear something like a thong swimsuit out on the beach and go talk to girls while wearing it.

  • In my experience, whenever I have exposed my self a little on a public beach, I have gotten good reactions from people. One time I was walking along the beach wearing a little leopard print suit that was very thin on the sides and relatively high cut in back, revealing a bit of the curve of my ass. Walking along, I would occasionally turn around and check out what was behind me. I had just done this, and when I turned back there was a guy approaching me. He said, Excuse me, but I love what you are wearing. Can you tell me where you got them?
    Another time, I was walking along another beach that had coves separated by rock outcroppings. I was crossing one of these coves that was deserted, so I decided to pull up the back of my leopard suit so that it revealed my ass. I folded over the top so it would stay up. Of course, in the next cove was two young ladies sunning in tiny bikinis. I didn't bother to cover my butt, and after I had walked by them I looked back. When they saw me look, they both gave me the thumbs up.

  • Nice. I might have to pick up some more revealing swimwear then. Any good online sources? I feel like it would give me a huge confidence boost plus would be a way to stand out from everyone else on the beach and hopefully attract some hot girls.

  • If I were you, I probably wouldn't go too extreme to begin with. You will have to feel out the beaches that you want to go to to see how the people there are. If you see girls there in thong bikinis, that is a good sign that it may be progressive. Also, if any of them go topless, even when just sunning.
    Look for small mens suits, the challenge will be to find them cut narrow enough of the sides. You and start with Speedos, but look for something a bit more stylish. If you have access to a swimwear specialty shop, they will probably have small suits for men. Next, cut off the trim around the butt of these suits. This will allow them to fit more loosely and will make them a bit smaller. It will also allow them to ride up your ass as you walk and bend and squat. This way, if anyone complains, you can just say that they tend to ride up a bit. Without the trim, it is easy to pull them up and tuck under the waist to reveal more of your butt. Experiment to find how much exposure gives you the thrill and notice that you want. You can start off slow and as wild as you want. Be sure to cut out the double layer of fabric at the front of Speedos. This will give you a subtle more exposure to your penis. Also, lite colors tend to reveal more. I used to have a light grey pair that were pretty revealing while still being legal. I always got noticed when I wore those. Good luck to you and happy exposing.

  • I guess I probably should have prefaced my last comment by saying I already wear speedos. I've got a couple of the 1" side briefs that I like and which have gotten some nice attention from the ladies. Usually I wear a black one, haven't been adventurous enough to wear the white one yet. Good call about checking out beaches beforehand though. Wearing anything more revealing than a speedo would definitely require the right environment.

  • Wear the white one and cut out the extra fabric in front.

  • Went out to the pool this morning in my white speedo to get some sun. Jumped in the water and quickly found out it's pretty see through even with the lining. A couple of girls definitely saw. I caught them checking me out a few times. Nice ego boost for sure.

  • Yeah I think that's a good idea. I'll start there and see how it feels.

  • I'm a straight guy so I prefer to see thongs on women, but I have worn a male g string for my girlfriend and she thought it was really hot. I wish there weren't stigmas associated with wearing stuff like this. Wear whatever feels good and makes you feel confident.

  • I love being nearly naked in g strings. I walk around the house in just a g string and a short t shirt. I have answered the front door like this. I wear them under thin white shorts and I looks like I am naked, which I nearly am. I would love to have a g string party where everyone attending could only wear a g string. That would be lots of fun.

  • I fucking love g-strings. I'm a guy & that's all I wear. They are sooooo fucking comfortable.

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