Baby husband

I am 38 male, 5’ 110lbs. My Wife is 40 female 5’10” , 180lbs. Solid muscle. We were married 10 years ago and after the first year my wife took control of my life . She started by removing all my body hair and making me wear diapers. When I complained she had me lay across her lap naked and spank me until I was crying. She bought only women’s panties for me to wear to work and diapers when I was home. She soon after bought bras and panty sets for me to wear to work. At home she would wash me in our large kitchen sink powder me, diaper me and put me to sleep in a large baby crib. No one else knew of my life style to this point.
However that was to change because last Saturday while my wife was bathing me in the kitchen sink our neighbor lady just came in the kitchen door with her two 4 year old boys. There I was naked , no body hair all soaped up in the sink beat red from embarrassment. My wife told her to come in and have a seat while she finished giving her husband a bath. Linda , the neighbor, laughed and laughed at me. I started complaining and cursing the 25 year old neighbor Linda. My wife dried me off and had me lay across her lap where she spanked me to tears in front of Linda. My wife then powdered and diapered me and put me to bed in my crib in front of Linda. She the told Linda
Our life style and we were happy living that way. Linda said she had no problem with that and she would baby sit if my wife wanted her too. They were laughing and my wife said next week she would be out of town could Linda come over and do just that. Although I didn’t want this a severe spanking changed my mind.
So come Friday Linda was at my house with her two boys waiting for me. I told her my wife was just kidding and she could leave. She said well I will just call your wife and check that out. My wife got on the loud speaker and told her to strip me and spank me till I was crying for lying. Now I was scared and embarrassed as Linda told me to strip naked. As I stripped down to a a pink bra and pink panties,Linda as she was laughing told me not to be so embarrassed because she spanks her two boys when they need it. So after taking off my panties Linda said to just keep the bra on it looked so cute on me. She put my penis between her legs and held me tight and spanked me till I cried. She then took my bra off and walked me and her two boys to the kitchen sink where she washed us all. She then dried us off and had her 3 an4 year old boys to sit on the plastic potty she brought over. After they were done she told me ,my turn. She said sit and potty or another spanking. So I did. Linda then laid us on the bed next to each other she started looking close at us and said my penis and scrotum we’re smaller than her boys penis and scrotum were. She took a picture on her cell phone of all three of us lying there naked ,legs raised waiting to be diapered. Linda then powdered and diapered her boys first and put them to bed on my wife’s big bed. She then powdered and diapered me and put me in plastic panties with ruffles. She then put pink footies and a pink babydoll gown on me that my wife left out for me. She then put me in my crib and told me that this had been quite a experience for her . She told me too sleep well and she would be in the morning with her sister to get me ready for work. So my most embarrassing day of my life and it continued till my wife got home.

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  • Strange fantasy, dude. I seriously doubt that any real woman would cater to your demented fantasy of being treated like a baby, but if that's what turns your crank, then good luck with that.

  • Neigbour lady? Wifes sister? BS

  • What’s the point of this?

  • Oh ffs Ewwwww. This is not only bullshit but women hate this shit. Huge turnoff.

  • My girlfriend does get off on this.

  • I agree. I’m dry now.

  • Yeah right. Total BS.

  • I'm going to guess your Indiana

  • Indians

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