Confessions of an adult baby diaper lover.

I wet the bed growing up and had to wear diapers to bed till my freshman year of collage. I had a very weak bladder. The bullies in my class noticed my plastic pants hanging on the line and my younger sister also told her friends about my diaper secret. They told other kids and soon everyone knew. They started calling me pee pee pants or diaper boy, even the gym teacher. The bullies picked on me everyday. They discovered if the tickled me or twisted my arm or pulled my hair they could make me wet my pants. At first they did it after school on the school bus but later started doing it right in school. They would catch me in the bathroom or even in the halls. I was too much of a pussy to stand up to them or even tell on them, I would just say I had an accident. Then I had to take the walk of shame down to the nurses office with wet pants as diapers were not permitted in school. My mother had to keep a set of dry pants and underwear with the nurse is she would not have to leave work and come a pick me up. My face would turn beet red from the humiliation of walking down the hall it wet pants, the kids all laughed at me and called me names. This went on all through junior HS and HS. I was 18 my senior year in HS because I got left back on year because the put me in the special class for wetting myself too much. Even kids 3 and four years younger and girls were joining in as the older bullies lost interest in me. I still never fought back and if they were hurting me I sometimes started to cry and just wet myself to make the pain stop. I was 6'2" in my senior year and these younger kids were much smaller them me. I was submissive to everyone at the school. In the showers in gym class I had the smallest penis and tiny pink balls, hairless because I didnt get pubic hairl till age 17 then only a little. The most humiliating time was when we had a substitute teacher and she could not control the class. Two big black girls grabbed me in the back of the class the tickled me and pulled my hair till I wet my pants right in the classroom. I started to cry like a big baby, I was 18 y/o. There was a puddle on the floor, they pushed me down and made me sit in it soaking the back of my pants too. I just sat there crying and didnt even try to get up. It was the last class of the day so when the bell rang I just ran home. When I got home my younger sister, 3 years was there with two of her friends one boy and one girl. My sister ran to tell my mother I wet my pants , her friends laughing at me. My mother took me into my room removed my wet clothes, washed my with a wash rag and diapered me as she did every night on the bed. She left the door open and my sister and her friends could look in from the living room and see me being diapered by my mother at age 18. She insisted on not letting me do it she said I could not do it right and of course I could never stand up to her either. Even at 18 she still gave me bare ass OTK spankings so hard I would cry. Needless to say all the humiliation had an effect on me causing me to have a bad diaper fetish and now I need humiliation like a drug. I wear diapers to the doctors, for massages, to the gym and diaper myself in the lockeroom. I go out in public with my diaper showing and late at night I go out in the back yard in just a wet sagging diaper and walk around. A few times I walked around the streets in just a diaper and a tee shirt very late. Im married now and I beg my wife to diaper me for bed because it makes me feel safe, I encourage her to tell her friends about me. She takes me out in public with two or three diapers under my sweat pants or shorts so people will notice and changes me in the backseat pf the car if Im a good boy. When we go on long drives Im belted into the middle of the back seat in just diapers and plastic pants as she stops at drive up windows at the Wallgreens, the bank, and McDonalds where she gets the tip for me. She goes into stores and leaves me in the parking lot like that. When we get home I have to walk into the house in just my diapers from the driveway. When we have food delivered Im sitting on the couch or floor in just my soaked diapers as my wife takes the food and pays the people taking her time and giving them big tips. We have security cams in our home that she can access from her computer at work and she can tell me what to do, clean the house do the wash and the yard work as I got layed off during the pandemic. She lets her friends at work look at her computer to see me in my diapers or naked. My confession is, I like it all, I need it all. The more diaper humiliation I get the more I need its like a drug. One day I might run out on the field at Yankee stadium in a soaked and sagging diaper. This confession was easy in fact I enjoy telling people my little secret, Im a big baby and my wife is now my mommy.

Apr 3

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