At My Husband's Request

My Confession is that I I have come to greatly enjoy it, and look forward to it.

in high school I was easy. I lost my virginity when I was 14 and by the time I went to my first, and only, year of college I had slept with 17 guys, one of whom became my now-husband.

My husband and I started dating on my 19th birthday. We got married on my 20th birthday, and I got pregnant that same night. I know it was that night because after that one night we started using protection every time. When I was late for my period I took a pregnancy test and was a little surprised. 10 months later I delivered twins, and got pregnant again on my 21st birthday. This time I only had a single birth.

When I was 25 I decided that having three little girls was enough for this woman and chose to have my tubes tied. My husband got a little excited and started asking me for threesomes. I declined and told him that I was not interested in sexual adventures anymore. That I was for him and him alone.

The requests didn't stop, but they were not frequent either. Not a year went by that he did not ask me to include somebody else and our bed. I always declined though.

When the twins finally made it into 8th grade I told my husband that when all three have graduated high school and gone to college that I would give in and we would start to play around. I gave him his timeline because our third child was not doing very good with her grades and was a troublemaker. I did not think she would be one to move out and go to college. Was I ever wrong!

When she got in the high school she settled down and her grades shot up to nearly Straight A's! I found out that my husband was tutoring her in the evenings while I was at work.

She graduated high school And started a community college while staying at the house. I was a little relieved thinking that I had been able to skirt through my agreement. Again, I was wrong. 2 years later she was accepted into a college and moved out.

On the way home from moving her to the college campus my husband brought up the agreement that I promised him. "Fine. I give in. We're both 41, and finally have an empty house. Why the hell not?!"

We discussed with him we would invite and my rules. We agreed to keep it amongst the closest of his friends, at least at first. Mainly for safety and comfort sake. As far as my rules I told him that there would be absolutely positively no anal penetration and no cum sprayed in my face.

Nothing happened immediately, but the guys decided to have their own private man cave party in December of 2015. My husband asked me if I would dress like a slut and be their personal Hostess serving food and drinks. I agreed.

So for the last 2 years I have slept with 8 of his friends, and 6 of their friends. The 6 strangers I had never met until the day they walked into our house, and with each of the 6 of them I was on my back being penetrated within 10 minutes of meeting them. None of the six were introduced at the same time in case you're wondering. They gradually happened over the last 2 years.

Including my husband I am now having regular sex with all 15 men. none of the 14 friends are married, and they all understand that if they do get a significant Other then the sex with me will stop immediately. They also understand there is absolutely no emotional attachment. I am simply a MILF. A slut wife. A friend-with-benefits. There have been many, many times that we have in vited one of them, and only one at a time, to stay the night with us and have me all night long in the guest room. The idea must come from my husband and my husband only, and he must be at the house that same night.

Just yesterday I slept with one of our friends for 2 1/2 hours in the early afternoon, my husband at 8:30, and had another spend the night starting just 30 minutes after he was finished.

My husband knows about this post. It was his idea. He has also been sitting beside me this whole time and has requested that I put in a little descriptive detail about myself.

I am about to turn 43, 5'9", 135lbs, 36DD/32/34, (I work hard keep my figure!), dark hair and eyes, one piercing in each ear lobe, and no tattoos.

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  • With your figure I understand why you have some many lovers.
    How many do you have at one time

  • Hell yeah!

  • Question, are you enjoying all this?

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