I spank my wife

In this day an age it may be difficult for others to understand this, I spank my wife. It’s a sexual turn on and it is a punhishment. When she is doing housework or just walking by I look at her butt and go up or call her over and feel her butt up and spark her, a real hard good spank, that is sexually exciting to me. In bed I spank her, I have her bend over my lap and I spank her bare bottom until it is red and I will kiss it and enjoy it. When she has done something to piss me off I will spank her as punishment, I take her over my lap sometimes or do it standing up. I will ask her to come over to me for a spanking and like a brat she pouts but she bends over slightly and I spark her with my hand or belt a few times. I have slapped her, but I feel it is too rough and I do not want to leave a mark. In bed I slap her face during sex but not out of anger.
I have never told anyone that I physically punish my wife or that I slap or spank her for sexual gratification.

3.6 years ago

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    • I spank my wife sometimes. Sometimes she spanks me.

    • Fuck I love being spanked. And punishment play is one of my favorites.

    • My last boyfriend liked to spank me. I didnt like it at first. I didn't realize how much I'd grown to like it, even need it until after we broke up. Sometimes the spanking was playful but most of the time it was hard and painful. It became part of what i needed to enjoy a really good orgasum. I've never had a orgasum from sex. Guys could go down on me or use toys or their fingers and give me one but I've never had an orgasum from a guy being inside me until my last boyfriend.

      He had me bent over and was taking me rough from behind. The harder he spanked me the more turned on I got. I can't describe how satisfying it was to have an orgasum with him inside of me.

      I love my current boyfriend but he's not into spanking me. He does it sometimes but only because I make him. He never really goes full at it. He says he doesn't want to hurt me. I told him I want him not hold back but he won't. Its becoming an issue with us. I've stopped asking him to do it but it's changed things in our sex life.

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