Very merry xmas

My wife and I went to a Xmas party. Wasn't family. Was a bunch of friends. Wife was on the couch with a drink catching up with old friends. I went out to a heated but outdoor patio to have a smoke. Was chilling. A friend I've known a long time walked up, lit a smoke and stood next to me. She said, "Hey handsome." We bullshitted a bit then the wind shifted and blew into the screened in area.

She said, "Oh shit. Cold! She turned away from me but scooted up against me. She had on yoga pants and a sweater. She had her ass against my crotch. I couldn't help but get horny. She picked up on it and said, "Oh. Someone's happy." She reached behind and grabbed me. She said, "I got an idea. How about I slide my pants down and you put this inside me, you know, to keep warm." I said, "You serious?" She said, "Yep. Dead serious."

She pulled her pants down off her ass. I unzipped and fucked her right there. Thank God nobody else came out. She was bent over. Sweater up to her chin. Tits bouncing. Her pants around her ankles. Me pounding her round ass. She came easily. So did I. I hadn't been laid in a month. She turned toward me and said, "I dig a quickie. Especially a naughty one. Thanks for the o baby."

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  • Are you really sure this happened I find it very hard to believe

  • Really? I find this one of the least far fetched confessions on this site. Who has not got drunk and carried away at a party?

  • I agree, for a minute I was worried this post was about me!

  • The neighbor and I fuck like this on the porch all the time.

  • To keep warm! I will file that pick up line away for future use.

  • Nice...fantasy.

  • Oh your in one oh those marriages that sex is seldom if at all. I was in one of those sexless marriages for a very long time. She was surprised when I filed for divorce? I remarried a very hot blond and get laid daily for the past 20 years. I should have divorced the bitching sexless cunt years earlier.

  • Yeah, my partner denied me sex for over a year. I am now divorced and fuck whoever I want.

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