Forced Circumcision By Females

I am a woman who has a fetish that is rather a little unusual, or maybe it's not. I love the idea of a man or young teen being circumcisid by a group of beautiful women forcibly against his will. The fantasy is not about blood or anything gore but focuses on the male being dominated psychologically and physically against his will by some very beautiful women who circumcise him either as a form of punishment or for their personal pleasure and because he loves his foreskin. Are any women here turned on by the idea ?

2 months ago

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    • I would like to hear from other women in who are interested in this fetish and you can email and me at because I was would like to the hear from you

    • Would any other female like to comment?

    • I'm a nurse practitioner at a urology practice and I sometimes assist in adult circumcisions. Incidentally, two of the partners are women so occasionally similar to your fantasy. While it is never a forced scenario, often times the patient is nervous or reluctant, especially when urged by a partner to get it done.

      I love doing circumcisions because it turns me on to no end knowing that I had a hand in pruning a foreskin and exposing someone's glans. In our smaller community if I see a former patient with his wife or girlfriend, I'll give her a nod and usually get a smile in return.

      On the opposite end, my husband hates his circumcision to the point he restored his foreskin with tugging devices, which took eight years. I got used to it eventually.

      He obviously knows what I do so it's an interesting relationship. If he's pissing me off I know how to rile him up. I'll grab him by the penis and threaten to drag him in and clip off all his hard work. Or even just give him the "snip-snip" fingers. He knows I can do it so it's a power play and a huge turn on.

    • OP here - That is so hot. Would you actually like to circumcise a male against his will?

    • I'd rather be forced to wear a girl scout dress uniform and be feminized and punished by my three woman troop leaders. Being tied to a flagpole by my peep and being whipped and dildoed are part of my girl scout experience.

    • I can get a few women that will hold you down and cut you cock and balls off! Then make you eat them and right after that slit your throat! How that sound to you?

    • You and your girlfriends could give me a vasectomy against my will. Then laugh about it after.

    • For a brief period when I was going to college, I was a practicing dominatrix, and for a short time I employed your exact scenario (as a fantasy role-play) with three different clients. All were uncut, all married, and all over 50. I had to stop using it because I found myself becoming too aroused by it and carrying things too far. I never injured any of them, nor did I ever draw blood, but with one in particular I did get extremely aggressive and rough, and he loved it and I could tell things where headed to an increasingly dangerous place, so I chose to end that relationship. However, my hunger for the scenario started showing up in my other services, so I had to quit altogether (I even found myself thinking of it while on dates with non-clients). It took a long long long time to get that out of my system. I would encourage you to be VERY careful with those thoughts: they can easily get out of control.

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