I Hate Animals

am starting to fucking hate animals namely wild animals that attack humans on contact. Yeah fuck it I endorse hunting and executing of Wild Animals and to all of you dumbass hippies, WWF yeah wildlife fund not Wrestling which it should be fucking called fuck the Wildlife Fund, and PETA who all deserve a bullet to their brainless heads can all go to Hell for supporting animal attacks on other humans. If an Animal tried to attack me I would shoot it in a heartbeat and send it straight to Hell where it belongs. Yeah to all of you crackhead pitbull owners who think owning a pitbull is smart only for one of those dogs to bite and kill an innocent child. if a Pitbull did that to my daughter I would blow it's goddamn head off, take a knife cut it's guts out and set it on fire; also fuck that whole Animal cruelty bullshit it's called Justice against killer animals who deserve to be killed for killing other human beings.

If some Fat Elephant tries to crush an innocent human I would blast that Goddamn Elephant with a Rocket Launcher; if a Horse kicks someone that Horse Deserves to be shot to death. Also I don't blame the hunters for killing the Lion in Africa because Lions kill people. A chimp scratches a Woman's Face off I say that Chimp deserves to be skinned alive and have it's remains set on fire. Also hearing all of these stories of people who were nearly killed by animals on Animal Planet makes me have nothing but Venom towards Animals if I was in the neighborhood that Raccoon decided to kill a woman and orphan her kids I would grab that Raccoon by it's eyes, take a knife and stab it to death and skin it's ass alive and spill every bit of it's blood as revenge. If I lived in Alaska guess what I would slaugter every moose I see, bears would be sent straight to Hell when I shoot their asses, Alligators I would also kill too.

Also PETA if you aren't too illiterate because the world knows how retarded you act; if you see this than fuck you; i';ll shoot up your goddamn offices and stab you right in your fucking Vagina, Ingrid Newkirk and set your stupid ass on fire. Fuck you PETA and may Death happen to all Animals.

4 months ago


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    • LOL ! You're going to " stab it to death, then skin its ass alive " ? You don't know how things work, do you, junior ? They make a drug for what you have. It's called heroin. Use a lot of it, and often. It will calm you down, give you a better outlook, and, with any luck at all, kill the fuck out of you !

    • You must have no friends low selfesteam . Abused as a kid

    • Waste of a human on this planet.

    • Is this what happens if parents don't allow a child to have pets?

    • I pity you sad creature

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