Wife's affair

My wife had an affair for about a year. I knew about it but didn't confront her. Then her lover sent me a fob filled with videos. It was hours of her having sex with his dog. I realized that after the first month he began taping her.

She would go to his house and strip nude. He was always dressed and then she would let the dog lick her pussy and ass. As time went on she would fuck and then knot with him. There were more videos than I realized on the fob.

I confronted her about it. She wasn't aware he made the videos nor thst she broke up. She told me that she felt guilty that she liked it too much. She hadn't had sex with him he masterbated as she was fucked by the dog. She asked me what I thought. I told her I was totally turned on by it. Then I confessed that I wish she hadn't stopped. She told me she loved the dog.

I called her lover and told him to bring the dog. I gave my wife a dog collar and we put a futon in the mudroom for her and Max. I wanted her to not have to hide it but live with him.

When the dog came my wife and Max, the fog kissed and soon she was smelling his ass and he hers. Soon he was king her and then he mounted her. After they had sex I sent them in the backyard. I have ten wooded acres so my wife can run around in the nude.

So for three weeks a month my wife lives with Max, nude and like a dog.

4 months ago

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    • Does she ever cheat on Max with another dog or dogs? How many times has she been knotted?

    • When he knots her, does she whimper, moan and beg for his babies, and tell him "I'm your bitch, Max"?

    • She told me that she has an overwhelming desire to get pregnant from him and she has told me that she is his bitch. She went to an OB/GYN who is familiar with this fetish and he told her that her desires are a result of hormone changes that occur from dog semen. Her body changes to become less tolerant to human sperm. Some women even have a false pregnancy.

    • Do any of her friends know? Do any of yours know? Does any of your family know?

    • A friend of her's knows. The bf wanted a threesome and she invited her. After watching my wife with Max she could tell they are in love.

    • It's wonderful that their love is so evident, even to others!

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