Friends With Perverted Benefits?

This is sort of a confession, story, and question all in one. It's really embarrassing on my part (at least I think so) so bare with me!

So I'm in highschool and everything has been so great so far. I'm pretty sure we all have that one perverted friend that we sometimes despise yet love all at the same time. Well, here's my situation.

My perverted friend and I were hanging out at school just like any other 17 year old teens would do. Anyways, I was sitting outside alongside my friend (we'll call him Dom for the sake of this story) while the rest of our little squad was chilling around us.

While i was turned away from Dom and talking to another friend, I felt him grab my hand. At first, I didn't really think anything of it. But a few seconds passed and I realized that Dom was rubbing my hand against his hard "member". I was extremely embarrassed and pulled away from him. But here's the catch...

Is it bad that i kind of liked it even though I have a boyfriend?

In all honesty, I really want to try it again with Dom. I actually want to do more than just that. I've realized that I'm mostly sexually attracted to him too. Even though he's more on the homosexual side than bisexual, I believe that he's into me. I've had sexual dreams and fantasies about him just dominating me nonstop and I find myself getting turned on just being around him. Even though I would never really have the guts to cheat on my boyfriend, I really have this uncontrollable urge to just be a total slut for Dom.

He's even shown some of the signs that he likes me (like staring at me and smiling, grabbing me out of the blue, touching my thighs and butt and etc etc) I just want some answers to my questions!

Is this good or bad to feel like this?
What should I do about this whole thing?
Is he into me?
Am I overreacting?

This has been driving me crazy for nearly a week. Halp. o_o


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  • You both want and need it. Go for it.

  • Guys that like you don’t grab your ass. They treat you with respect. He just wants to have sex, or act like he does if he’s truly gay and afraid to come out.

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