Do my wife

I want to watch another guy fuck my cute blonde wife. Stretch her little pussy out!

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  • Comment if u want fuck my girlfriend for fun anytime even rape her if u want she just needs to be forced gangbang

  • I wanta watch guys rape my girlfriend

  • Any guys wanta gangbang my girlfriend

  • I get the first part, I did a salesman's newly wed wife while he watched. They were into that. I was real nice and everyone enjoyed. But why stretch her out?
    You can knock that whole watch wife get fucked thing, I get that, but the one I was a part of was real special.

  • I've watched many black men fuck this one Https://

  • I would love to see my wife get fucked hard by another guy, it would give me pleasure watching her getting pleasured . I taught her how to squirt about a year ago I created a sex monster ..

  • What a slut!

  • Wish my bf was into playing like this. He's so lame sometimes.

  • Yea maybe i could meet ya

  • Let's talk sweetheart

  • I found a DVD of my wife having sex with a boy before she was married I watched everything what turned me on most was her sucking this this boys dick and he was a boy, but he had man size dick he didn't get it all up her vagina, I still watch it from time to time when she is on her period and wank to it, I wouldn't mind watching her being fucked live

  • Would love to see it!

  • It is not uncommon. Many of us have fulfilled that fantasy. Sometimes it is difficult to convince your wife.

  • My wife said her college boyfriend and his moviestar looking roommate would do 3 ways on her. But she was 19 and 2,000 miles from and a college girl slut. And that was her perfect storm because the guy was so handsome. She also worked PT in the bookstore and gave her boss a blowjob for his 40th birthday.
    Now she teaches Sunday School.

  • Your wife is a lucky girl for you to want this. My husband surprised me with this on our second anniversary. We went on vacation and he walked a man into our hotel room and told me he was my present. It was some of the best sex of my life. Leg quivering sex. It was almost hard to walk after he was finished. Then once he left my husband took me too. It is quite the experience to be used viciously by a stranger only to make love to your partner afterwards.

  • May I ask your age?

  • I'm 24

  • Perfect age for gangbang.

  • I would love to be gangbanged!

  • Lets ado it's

  • Let's talk

  • That's what I want for her.

  • I shared my wife with my friend. Pretty soft core but not bad for the firs time. Nothing like watching your wife play with another man. Love hearing her stories of her ex fucking her brains out.

  • Love soft porn i so wrighf for this act

  • You got a big cock?

  • Do they fuck her ass too?

  • Hell yeah! Rimmed her out!

  • Mmmmm tasty!!

  • That's what I want. Watch her spread and beg for another man's cock!

  • Is her name Shannon?

  • Sounds hot

  • I would love to see! K-I-k johnnybeans11

  • I’d be willing to show you my wife in return btw

  • How can we exchange? Has to be anonymously.

  • We found adultfriendfinder the best site to find hook us using specific desires. We wanted to same agreeing both if she's going to enjoy another cock it's gotta be huge. Guy was over 10" the girth was enormous he left my wife's pussy gagged wide open full of cum. She was completely satisfied admitting it was the best fuck by far. We would hook up with him on weekends for 3 yrs he moved out of area. After he moved my wife wasn't interested in finding another big cock to satisfy her stretching needs. But she obviously had that need and she suggested us using huge dildos and we have a great sex life. It started less than a year into marriage and at 4 1/2 yr point awhile after he had left. My wife wanted to have a child and said a life style including another guy could be tricky with a child. Since our daughter had grown and went to college and we have done a couple hook ups. Nothing as serious but very fun it's addicting not for everyone.

  • What does she look like? Bra siza?

  • 34c

  • Thanks for the response. I want to start by running my hands through her blond hair, kissing her, then feeling her lovely tits. Then I will take her shirt off and embrace her, still kissing. Then I would remove her bra, and begin sucking her titties.

  • Nice start. Take her slow before ramming that cock up her ass!

  • I was thinking of having her suck me first, then fucking her pussy. You want me to fuck her ads first?

  • Ass, that is

  • Take your pick, both holes are tight as hell! Pump her full!

  • Her pussy then. I want to feel it's velvet wetness on the head of my cut cock, then thrust hard into her. I watch her boobs bounce as I fuck her, till I shoot a huge load into her.

  • Damn that's hot!

  • Just so you know, I jacked off while thinking about pounding your wife's pussy.

  • Would love to watch you tribute her.

  • Pix, bitch

  • Have to be anonymously

  • Of course. What is your email I will send you a message

  • Chatiw?

  • No. What's your email

  • Can't give email. Must be completely anonymous.

  • I want to Jack off to her pictures at least man hook me up with some pics

  • Hot as hell! Let's talk

  • I wont to be watchred for first time anal today

  • K I k me buddy I'm ready gmancumface1998

  • Gmancumface1998 is my k I k

  • Interested in a gruveo voice chat?

  • I have my cock out man can't wait to see her

  • She's got a tight little pussy

  • I bet she would love a big cock from u in a guys ass as his is in her stoke as her eye clodse asvthe words said o good

  • Yes!!

  • Hurry bro I'm so ready to Jack off to your wife

  • You're making me hard! Want to watch you wank on her!

  • She swallows. Ex- cheerleader.

  • Not sure what that is

  • But I would prefer k I k

  • Lets see a pic of her. I can get to Charlotte if she's hot enough.

  • Tribute her?

  • Chatiw ?

  • And then you’ll be divorced. Stupid fucks. No wonder our world is falling apart. No one has any morals anymore.

  • I can definitely help you with that. Would you like to watch me do her ass too?

  • Yes

  • Hell yeah! Pump her full!

  • Love to help you. Where do you live

  • Charlotte, N.C.

  • Caught you asshole. Pack your shit and leave.

  • Well after he leaves, you are going to fuck a bunch of hot dudes, right?

  • Already am

  • Your initials?

  • F U

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