Invading privacy

I have lived with my uncle Dominic and his wife Carmella since I've been 10 years old. I'm 23 now and uncle Dom died when I was 19 and he was just a great guy. Aunt Carmella was always hands on with me like a mother. She did everything for me and still does like making meals doing my laundry and cleaning up after me. The only bad thing is she never had or still has any respect for my privacy. When I was younger it didn't bother me much but she embarrasses the hell out me, again just yesterday. Again she came into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. I tell her its embarrassing me but she just laughs and reminds me of the days years ago she gave me baths and took care of me when I was sick and gave me some enemas long ago. Then she reminds me of the few times she caught me masturbating and the way she tells me these things makes it that much more humiliating. There are situations when I think she does this intentionally because she never hesitates to come in my room and often comes into the bathroom while I'm in the shower. She has even walked in on me when I'm using the toilet. What makes it worse is she is clearly looking at my genitals and don't try to hide the fact she is. I'm not like some guys I guess because I never get erections when she does this and there's nothing sexual about it. My girlfriend thinks its hilarious that Carmella does this and I don't think she believes me sometimes. Its gotten so bad if I cover myself with my hands she insists I move them away telling me I'm acting like a sissy. She never shuts up talking and aside from me being naked asks embarrassing questions. She asks if I'm having sex with my girlfriend and even asks if I still masturbate adding "often" to that question. She tells me to make sure I self examine my testicles and often says its good that my parents had me circumcised. She even knows she's embarrassing me because she tells me when I am blushing. I guess by now she gets a kick out of doing this to me and even though I am embarrassed I've found the easiest way to have her leave me alone is to just let her look at me for a short time. If I try to avoid her it makes it worse. A lot of my friends know about this and they just crack up over it. I keep telling her I'm going to move out soon and I do hope to by next year when I save up enough.


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  • Sounds like she does lots of stuff for you and has looked after you for a while now. Why don't you show her some appreciation and invite her into your bed? She clearly wants sex!

  • Yes, let her enjoy the show. You will move out and your problem will be solved. There will come a day when no one wants to see your dick, and you may miss this.

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