Got hrni

I am 20, female, and i think normal. I work fulltime and live at home. Ihave had a few bfs and have been w my current one two months. Like sex, like being sexy; but ive never watched porn, never wanted to. But i got curious the other day having heard a podcast of all women where they were talking about what they liked to watch. First time i thought bought it being for me i guess?

I went on a site they mentioned and looked up all the things they talked about liking n got soo turned on. The computer is in our back room which is quite secluded and I started playing as i watched. Soon had my bottoms off n was watchin guy on guy stuff, soft dom all getting me hotter n hotter n hotter. Then i get to grandpa n teen and am playing away and here a knock on the patio door.

See our old gardner with a dirty grin n a short thick cock in hand. Tbh i was horni/shocked/confused n thought it cud be hot to have a live show, so I turned n started playing for him. But he knocked again told me to let him in. I did thinking he wanted to do it in the warm, but he was all over me as soon as he was in. I honestly dont know why, but i went with it and got fucked by him. Feel so guilty now. Keep makin excuses not to see my bf.

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  • You're definitely gonna let him fuck you again. Maybe you should invite your bf over and have a threesome. That way you wouldnt have to feel guilty.

  • Bullshit but you loved it

  • Bullshit...

  • Add me on Snapchat. Andyc2104

  • LOL! SnapChat Andy!

  • Dude shut the fuck up with your snapchat begging

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