Is it bad

Is it bad that I'm a 14 year old girl and I masturbate at least once a day so hard that I'm tired and my hand hurts?

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  • No it's good, get a friend to help you.

  • 3 words sweetheart. "Battery". "Operated". "Toothbrush". Enjoy.

  • Masturbating is a very healthy thing to do, as much as you want to is fine. Do what I do, I lubricate the corner of the old porcelain sink in the upstairs bathroom, I had to stand on a couple of towels to get my clitoris above the corner of the sink,then you open up your pussy lips and slide in the corner of the sink. Then grind your open pussy on the sink and move it around in a circle to loosen up your hole. Then grind your clit, I push my clit down against the corner with a couple of my fingers. I like to push my fingers up my asshole with my free hand

  • Enjoy yourself! It's all cool. Sorry about your hand though.

  • I will help you strip and cumm all over your little fourteen year old tits and tight little girl pussy.............

  • I do it for you and give yourself a break. I will lay you on your bed and take off your school uniform and spread your legs and finger your little sweet pussy. Are you a virgin..

  • It takes time to learn discipline and control. When you do, you'll be able to delay reward with a very slow hand. The technique required isn't so furious, and the anticipation/buildup can lead to a mind-blowing climax. Wait until you have your first 'slow burn' [starts low key, builds and builds endlessly, and seems to go on forever]! Leaves you devastated] Whew!

  • Totally fine. Boys do it, so why can't you? Try using an implement though. Give your hand a break.

  • Its normal honey and better than doing anything with a boy at your age. So be carefull and just enjoy and maybe try your hairbrush but make sure its clean..

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