Bad things

I do bad things in school and when I'm off school. I do it because I like getting spanked by my mom. She pulls my pants down and spanks me and I don't wear underwear. I threw a rock at a bus on Monday when my mom pulled my pants down I turned so she could see my hard dick. She looked at it for a long time.

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  • Hmm, why is meghan's father hiding from? is he as bad as that Bernstein dude? it makes you wonder why she needs to have all this hate going on with her family and the need to compete with her disabled sister and the double standards of the royals is hypocritical to be honest if they can't practice what they preach. they support mental illness and disability charity but obviously not family with those issues. the royals are so rich they could have paid for the families flights and dresses for god sake. it is going to be a thorn in their side every milestone and if she hangs around for any babies. if you look at them it looks worse then diana's family and the bridal car meghan was in looks like the adams family car. like is it just me but something doesn't add up about the whole thing. no need to be so hypocritical of the royals and megan has no family at all is she ashamed of them? how can you believe anything the royals say when they don't actively practice what they preach to the world? all it shows is a divided family, divided lives and divided society and not embracing love at all, its just embracing individualism and showpony. I feel sorry for meghans family.

  • I agree

  • I think the royals might have mistaken all this media sensation of several weddings and babies in a year and it is not going down with the world as pleasantly as the promotional would have you think and they are not a firm or a brand company marketing themselves, its like kadashian royalty on steriods and people are thinking "look there is poverty and illness and people can't find social connections and self pride and relationships and owning a home or raise or promotion or any job or partner or have a baby so what make these richies think we should care about them shoving it in our faces day in and day out. maybe they have not really marketed and thought it over as well planned as they hoped and people are not taking to the media saturation as well as they had thought. we didn't watch the wedding or baby nonsense. next they will want a birth live on tv. it really is too much pushed at the public. I don't feel sorry for meghan or her family or the royals they show their tackiness with all the tacky royal trimmings that look so offensively grandiesqueer while others are suffering. they are highly ostentatious and brash and it cuts at people in need. true the message is " bla bla at charity events and look pitifully down on their subjects and make them eat dirt but go away and drop dead so we can have more money and the attention is on us" message. she wasn't that much beautiful bride if she had so many practices before hand how do you stop saying "I do" and being a serial bride? will this role live up to her insecurity needs ?"

  • I doubt it last

  • I gona get in big trouble when I get home today

  • I am a mum and I get off on spanking it does it for me when I pull the trousers down and see the bare buttocks, that's when o orgasm

  • Spank me please

  • What will she do when the "lights, camera, action" keep rolling 24/7 and no breaks or cuts or re-takes mm.

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