Who has seen yout wife or gf's naked photogrsph

How many have shown naked photographs of yr wife or gf to another person. Who was it and what was their reaction..did it turn u on?

8 days

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    • Record674@gmail.com

    • I’ve shown a good friend of ours who showed me his wife. I showed a ln old guy at a bar that was nice to us and my wife was drunk and flirting a bit with this old man, he loved her pics.

    • Love it makes me heaps hard

    • Sharing Pictures of my wife with a friend.
      I had been drinking and was in the mood to share my wifes pics on different sites. Reading stories of others showing there friends and such. So I call a friend of over 30 years to come over for a beer. { The wife is not home this week, visiting family out of town}. In my shop I have a topless picture of my wife on the wall, he and others have seen it before. But this time I had my lap top open with a collage picture of my wife naked in the shop and walking around the pool. I didn't say anything when we first walked in the shop, just walked over to the project I was working on to show him. We chatted about that then I walked over to the desk where the laptop was and leaned up against it. He followed and looked at the screen. I then said " I hope that doesn't offend you" He said no. Then we talked about my obsession with showing her off. I still wasn't sure if he was good about it until we went into the house. Mind you we have had a few drinks by this time. He said he needed to pee. The bathroom is next to the office room that I had my desktop computer on with the web page of our pictures on it. When he came out I said, Oh the pictures of my wife on the boat are here, want to see them? He said sure and and sat down at the desk, I told him that there were more pictures if he wanted to see them, just scroll down. At that point I excused myself to go to the bathroom leaving him alone on the computer. When I got back he had scrolled thru over half of the pics. I then started describing the different pictures. I think this is going to work out great. Always wanted a friend that I could share the most naughty pics with.

    • Whats your email?

    • Yes I show a couple of my friends my wife's big tits and they all love her tits mothertruckinmike@gmail.com

    • My wife is 40 and I’ve always have known guys will look at her, her body, even at family events or business functions and wonder what she looks like naked or what it would be like to look down at her big tits as she wraps her lips around their cocks. I have seen guys taking pictures on the beach and other places. One guy, I confronted and he had already edited the picture to best highlight her lips, DDD tits, legs and ass. When I asked him why he was taking pictures of my wife, he just looked me right in the eyes and said “So I can think about fucking her tonight.” When my wife asked what he said I told her and she responded “Really, did he say how big his cock was?” My wife told me that she knows when guys are taking photos of her and felt that it made her horny, just like when we go somewhere. When I’ve shared naked photos of my wife with other men, I find they act differently towards her. The two guys I’m thinking of, both married, I know at least one fucked at least once! I think his wife knew something was going down and he disappeared. Guys married to her best girlfriends, or guys from work, don’t need any additional encouragement. She knows guys watching her, hitting on her, makes me very jealous and horny. She knows now that if she’s going to get fucked, then I want to watch!

    • Showing off my gf turns us both on. I have shown her pictures to several of my friends. I have shown pictures to friends while she is present and she always asks which ones they like best. She isn’t shy. One of my friends showed her a picture of her with legs open and bare p**** showing and said that was his favorite. She looked at the picture and smiled and said that’s one of my favorites too. He said really? She said yes I like it when a guy sees my p**** and likes it. I said she isn’t shy about guys seeing her pictures. He said does she ever show it in person? I said sometimes. He looked at her and said can you show it to me. She looked at me and said can I? I said if you want to. There was myself and two friends over at the time. She undressed showing her t*** first then took off everything. She sat down in a recliner and put her left leg on the arm of the chair and opened her legs. The guys were just staring at her p****. She smiled and said as she massaged herself, do you like? They were speachless. Then both said she had a pretty p****. She said I’m glad you like it. Look as much as you want. They did. After about a half hour she said ok I need my man for a little bit. We went into the bedroom and had great sex. When we were done she came back to the room with the other guys, sat the same way as before and they looked at her some more before leaving. She played with herself for them and said OMG I’m so wet. The guys finally said they had to leave. She said thanks for liking what they saw. She said she didn’t know why but she loved guys looking at her p****. I said we’ll have to do this again sometime. My gf said sure anytime.

    • That is SEXY!
      The restraint she showed - not offering to fuck them, just give them an innocent show!
      That is so much sexier than being a ....you know.

    • I love trading pictures of my wife and stories....
      Email me

    • Sicilian071559@gmail.com if anyone wants to.trade or share

    • Spinsahusker@gmail.com

    • Poheywood@gmail.com

    • I've shown several men photos of my wife. She's in her 40's and an accountant. The guys are neighbors, mutual friends, church members, her boss and a guy who works for her at the firm. These photos are very explicit with spreads and toys. She has no idea I show her off.

    • Yes
      I've exchange photos of my wife with others...it's a great 👍 turn on.

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