Our first time

I've begged and begged my wife to have sex with others while I watched. On Friday we worked out all details and she picked a couple guys she knows from the old area we used to live in. She called them and they were down so the next day we took the 3 hour drive there and rented a hotel. The guys showed up we had some drinks and slowly got started. I watched them fuck her so hard and it was so amazing I shot my load everywhere it was the biggest hardest nut I have ever done. Then sat back in a chair and watched as they finished with her. Now I almost feel like I should not have had her do it. She has asked twice if I wanted them to come over for a weekend one day. It's been only three days since it's happened and she's asked me about it more than 5 times.

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  • It's not unusual to have second thoughts but over time you will find the attraction of sharing your wife outweighs them. Focus on the good parts and don't dwell on the negative thoughts. When you talk about it, try to discover what aspects of the play got you each the horniest. You both should be trying to give the other the greatest possible pleasure.

  • We have been , I feel like I'm in a whirlwind

  • You let the genie out of the bottle. She's accepted it on principle. Do the same.

    Your sole alternative is to lose her. Keeping her is better.

  • So what's the status now , are you guy's going to keep letting guys fuck her. Have you thought about taking pictures ?

  • She has continuously brought it up , I've been actually trying to get her to slowly back down a bit. She is coming up with more and more ideas for us to try. Almost all involve her getting fucked by someone as I watch or participate. I'm nervous I may have created a monster seriously.

  • You know if you wanted to make a few easy buck's you could pimp her out to a select band of guy's not all the time and keep the charges pretty reasonable and simple have a list that is easy to understand and control ie :-
    Vaginal $30
    Anal $40
    Oral $25
    Single customers with a mixture of above 20% With two customers subtract 15% each with three customers subtract 20%
    Hope you go well

  • Never really thought about trying to make money at this. I can say that's a very different approach.

  • Incidentally is she taking it up the arse ? and how many guy's are being invited to shag your wonderful wife.

  • Yes she's always been into having her ass screwed , we haven't had more than just two guys and myself yet. It gets scary with more than that

  • Original poster here. Last night was our second time involving others. It seems that my wife is enjoying this more than I originally thought she would. It was so powerful, sexy and just plain hot last night. I felt like I was living in a perfect porn movie. Afterwards on the way home she commented that maybe we should be more conservative and only do it once a month. She went on to say that she felt embarrassed when she had her orgasm for it was the biggest one she has ever had. All I can say is that she looked so beautiful and sexy during the party I can't get the images out of my mind.

  • Sounds very encouraging, you and your wife appear to be quite sensible, maybe if you can keep it with just the original guy's you will have a good chance of not contracting a sexual disease while having a great time, once a month sounds terrific give you all something to really look forward to and enjoy, try not having any sex with her for at least a week before next time she will be screaming the house down when she accepts the first cock for certain and would love double penetration anal and vaginal, will be the best you have ever seen then before they finish put your dick in her mouth. All the best Darling xxxx

  • A week isn't anything.

    She said back off until once a month. Tell her that you'll do that. BUT she is NOT to cum in that time -- NOT. EVEN. ONCE! But every night, you'll describe to her sex with multiple guys. At the end of that month -- THEN you set her up with some guys.

    Think she's gone ballistic before? Let her climb the walls for a month.

    See what happens.

  • Oh my God that makes me hard

  • Back in high school I was at my best friend place he started changing we had been out all night drinking. I couldn’t help noticing and commenting how huge his cock was. After that my mind always wondered how girls I fucked would feel compared to him fucking them. I joked with my friend about it and even talked about letting him fuck different girls I dated. I never figured out how to bring it up to them and over the years the thought never left me. I was now married and my mind started to imagine him taking my wife. One night we had went out had drink came home had sex and after I told her about my fantasy. I was nervous not knowing how she would react it took her a few minutes to ask how big he was. We had measured and compared back in high school so I knew he was almost 10” long and 6 3/4” around. Compared to my 5 3/4” long almost 5” around cock my wife said he’s allot bigger. I asked what she thought she giggled saying it would be interesting to see if he could even fit. My wife’s a tiny women 4’10 1/2” and 90lbs I talked to my friend who was excited. My wife if very beautiful so I figured he would say yes we set it up for Friday night. We did dinner then came back to the house had a couple drink and I had to get it started. I started undressing her and kissing her he had two fingers inside her sucking her tits. My wife’s hand had quickly fished out his cock she screamed out omg. She wanted to see then next to each other she giggled saying omg it’s so much bigger. I worked my cock into my wife one last time before he fucked her with his getting her ready. She was sucking his cock that was in my face perfect view for me. I cum inside her and he got between her legs shoving his entire cock inside her. I watched her face contorted she screamed out omg your fucking huge. I was surprised she took every inch so easily and was enjoying it! Continue

  • He picked her up bouncing her up and down his cock her little body was quivering she was talking dirty. He spun her around taking her doggie style she grunted loud as he pounded her. Her body started to jolt and she was screaming as he held her in place pounding away. Its to intense she screamed wanting him to stop he was so strong he held her forcing her to stay on his cock. He rammed his cock as deep as he could she grunted as he was grunting I could tell he was cumming inside my wife. When he pulled out her pussy was gapped wide open and pulsing she was breathing like she ran a race. He slapped his cock across her ass smiling I moved behind her as he moved out of the way. I slipped my cock inside her she was so lose my cock didnt hardly touch the sides. His hot cum was all over my cock it was weird and exciting hard to explain. I pounded away she was sucking his cock when he got hard she looked back at me shaking his cock. You want him she giggled winking yes I do of course, I moved to her mouth and he began fucking her brains out we had a 3 day fuck fest. That next week we fucked like rabbit talking about how much fun that was. She kissed me saying your going to be a sweetie and have him fuck me again this weekend. I laughed asking how much better he fucked her she moved her hands down to my cock. She put her fingers the gross difference bigger saying he stretched me this much bigger giggling. Then she moved the difference in length and said and dug that much deeper. It made me so horny I said that better huh she kissed me saying allot better. Between the fun of watching and the blunt honesty I couldn’t say no. 16 yrs it’s been we share my wife

  • I’m a cuck in a unique situation. My fiancée, who’s 28, is still a virgin. Nothing drives me more wild than for her to let another man take her virginity. She’s aware of it, and I’ve begged her many times to do it. She’s open to it, but hasn’t officially said yes or no. Knowing it’s a possibility gets me off so hard.

    I hope I have your luck soon!

  • Hey man I would love to hear details on how they fucked her. Also like to know what she looks like. I am totally envious of you.

  • She's about 5'6 big puffy long blonde hair, blue eyes her bra says 38d she has a skinny waist but kind of small ass almost not there when she has pants on.

  • No ass sadly .....

  • That’s what I want so badly

  • She's thinking about strange dick for sure. And each time she gets it, it'll confirm to her that THIS is what she REALLY needs.

    Good job inducting her into the lifestyle. You've heard that expression, right -- be careful what you ask for ... you just might get it.

  • I was more than aware of what may happen. I still have mixed feelings after. but I believe that I will continue. I think that we can't have the same men over and over to avoid any serious feelings.

  • You can't afford to back down now. After you talked her into it, after she found out how hot it is ... she'd lose all respect for you. Enjoy the ride, man!

  • Listen little dick there is only one reason wives want to play with others, their husbands are not satisfying them sexually, they want and desire the attention of MEN mainly with large dick's and stamina

  • I think it's not always true. As a woman, I see my husband satisfies me all the way but I still want more, in terms of adventure and wilderness, not just sex. Some of us have a slut nature which no man can fulfill single-handedly. You have a big dick and can fuck me for 2 hours straight? That's great but one day I will suck a guy who come in 1 minute, just because I want it.

  • It may be true that I'm not huge but I do have decent stamina.

  • Yup. Big mistake. You’ll be divorced soon.

  • Hopefully your wrong

  • He/she is wrong.

  • What's that mean ?

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