I cheated with a young black guy

I am a thirty seven year old married man. I am also a crossdresser. My wife of five years is OK with it, she even helps me with clothes and shoe shopping, among other things. I have often thought it would be fascinating to go out in public dressed as a sexy female, so I got up my courage and asked my wife what she thought of both of us "dressed up" and going out. She said she would tell what she thinks tomorrow. The next day she said it sounded like fun, as long as we go to a club she knows that had totally nude male models.

We ended up going and going out dressed as I was, I never felt so feminine and sexy!!! We sat near the model/dancers. There were two, both totally nude and black, and had smooth muscular bodies. And Oh my God!!! Both had circumcised penises. Both was enormous in size. I fixed my eyes on one of the model's huge black cock, and was getting sexually excited. I have NEVER had any desire or thought of finding another male sexually attractive. That evening was different!!!!!! I imagined walking up to him, putting my arms around him, and softly kissing his lips. That is half of my fantasy, for the other half, he says to me "Get on your knees you white bitch, and tell me what all white woman want to suck". I say, a black stud's big black cock. The remainder of my thoughts centered on making love to his gigantic hard black cock using my mouth, tongue, and lips.

That evening I decided that soon I want to go to this men's spa, where you can rent a small room with a bed and locker, I would remove all my clothes and put everything in the locker. On their web page, they have glory holes, pitch black rooms, all kinds of all male sexuall fun.

Well, by now you have a good idea what my confession is. I went to the mid towne gym and rented a delux room. I showered, then went to the outside patio on the roof to smoke, a joint, when this young looking black guy walks up to me and says, "hello, my name is Eric". I replied, hello back and asked him if he would like to share my joint. As we stood taking hits and passing the joint back and forth, I got many glimpses of his muscular smooth body. I told him I was a straight married man, and had only one gay fantasy, which was only a week ago. His name was Eric, he asked me if I was stoned, I said yes, he said me too. He then picked up a small thumb size bottle, took the cap off, and placed the open bottle under my nose and told me to inhale, two deep inhales in each nostril. I never felt so warm excited aroused and totally uninhibited.

Eric took me to this large round bed that had viewing seats. Most of the seats were occupied, and one guy was laying on the bed. Eric led us to the middle of the bed, standing facing each other. He removed the cap on the small container, took some inhales, then had me do some. He looked at me with sadistic eyes and said, "Do as I say you little white sissy faggot whore, get on your knees and put your lips around my big hard black cock". I have NEVER felt so excited sexually, or as turned on as I was kneeling on this bed with a huge black cock in my mouth, with an audience!!!!

That's my confession

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