I didn't expect to like it

I moved school to a rougher area. From my first day onwards it's been non stop bullying. I just couldn't fit in because everyone was so different. They had to randomly select what subjects I'm doing, and one of them was food tech (cooking). That's the problem one. Everyone is a popular girl, all of them. And most of them are hot as well. There's one massive guy who bullies me along with the girls. I had to pair up with a girl and they were just plain cruel. She forced me burn my hand on the oven 4 times, she spits on my food when I'm cooking it and takes it once I've cooked it. Similar the guy takes my ingredients if he doesn't have them. Every lessons he usually runs over while the teacher isn't looking and punch me in the stomach, and all the girls laugh. On my birthday instead of giving me 14 birthday beats he just ran over and beat the shit out of me, I got a black eye and a busted lip From it. Anyways yesterday the teacher went out of the class for a bit, and so the guy held me back and two girls battered my dick with wooden spoons. After a few Kicks to the dick one of them grabbed it firm, and I just came in my pants. She didn't notice, and we carried on to a girl spoon feeding me her spit and greases and fat. All and all I get bullied and beaten immensely, but I forgive them because their lives are probably so rough they just want to take their anger out on me because I'm not the same and I'm "priveleged". But she felt my dick, which should have been bruised, not working and disfigured and I still came, so I must like it. At least the girls notice me.

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  • If that is true why not spit in your food first?

  • If that's true then your the biggest fucking loser in existence. They should probably bully you more

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