August 12 2017

I will never forget that day. I married a man who truly loved and appreciated me. I am writing this confession today because I cheated on him at my work two days before we were married. My coworkers had a big party for me , and that's when it happened. I slept with two of the guys that work with me and later I slept with my boss and the two guys again. After getting home from the honeymoon and going back to work I realized that it would never stop unless I quit my job and find another. I'm sorry for what I've done and continue to do. It's like it's not really me it's like I become someone different.

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  • It's okay, we all have needs. I've cheated before our marriage and still til this day I'm still cheating. The biggest rush was right before the wedding I had the best man, and another groomsmen at the same time, and walking down with my pussy full of someone else's cum inside me dripping out of me

  • Its okay.. everyone has needs.. its a rush isnt it?

  • Well. You already know you have to find another job.

    Can you share more details on how it happened? Did you get drunk? Were you with all 3 at once?

  • There was alot of drinking going on , and yes I had all 3 at the same time. Since then I can't count how many times I have messed around with one or two of them in the same day.

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