Hitchhiking looking for trouble, got it!- True story

I usually took the interurban bus back and forth between the big city and the small town I lived in in out east, but one summer it was unusually hot and I was exceptionally horny, so I decided to see if I could hitchhike or walk my way home that day wearing as little as possible.

I left the bookstore I worked at a little early and ducked into the alley where I stood behind a dumpster and stripped, putting my T shirt, flip-flops and underwear in my backpack, and wearing nothing but my cut off denim shorts started walking on the main road north.

After about 2 miles I started to have second thoughts as I saw the bus going my way passing the last stop for the day. My feet were getting really dirty and sore from the pavement and the late summer sun was still strong on my bare back.

I made it about 4 miles before stopping to sit under a tree and rubbing my bare feet which were now black from the hot asphalt. If I followed the bus route it would take me at least another 3 or 4 hours at this rate, since I lived almost 20 miles outside the big city. I walked avoiding the sharp gravel on the road side and tried to walk in what little shade there was for what seemed like another endless mile or so.

I kept looking back for cars or trucks and started thumbing in all seriousness now. After a mile or so a car pulled over ahead of me and honked and the driver motioned out his window for me to come. I ran and pulled open the passenger side door and looked in. The driver was a middle aged man and he asked were was I headed? He knew exactly where I was going since he said he was going up to the border crossing in the next town north.

I tossed my backpack on the floor and got in. We exchanged pleasantries, he asked the usual where you from and where you going and I did the same to be polite. I asked if he minded if I put my feet up on the dash or out the window, he said go ahead and notice how filthy black my soles were. "Walking barefoot and shirtless all day?" He asked if I always walked around "dressed so comfortably" noting my state of half nakedness. We both laughed as I moved my backpack into the backseat and put my bare feet up on the dash. After a few minutes he just started to pat and rub my left thigh and eventually gave me a gentle crotch squeeze, I leaned sideways toward him a bit more and just smiled back at him.

I figured it was my turn now so I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and let my now hard cock poke out. He took it and started slowly stroking and squeezing it. I shifted sideways again and pulled them down then kicked my shorts off and tossed them in the backseat as well. I sat there naked with my dirty bare feet on the dash while this guy fondled my throbbing cock as we drove down the road. After a few more miles just before we got to my town, he pulled into a roadside park and undid himself and I reached over and took his limp dick out and tugged on it a few times, then he asked me to suck and lick him, which I most certainly did for what seemed like a half hour or maybe more- just stroking and sucking and tonguing his little white pecker and not caring that all the while my naked ass was clearly visible through the window facing the other cars in the lot and passing on the road.

He eventually blew his load into my mouth and I swallowed it for him, I at least expected he would beat me off or maybe suck me too. He put his drained cock away and reached behind the seat and grabbed my backpack and shorts and thrust them at me and said to GET OUT! Fuck!, I'm still a couple miles from home with an aching hard on needing release wearing this guys sperm on my chin. He got out and came around to my side and pulled me out of the car onto the gravel parking lot naked and tossed my stuff out his window as he pulled back on the road! SOB!

It was getting dark and now I'm stiff, naked and stranded out in a public parking area with other cars and trucks! As I'm trying to run and pick up my stuff from the driveway I thinking I need to find to an unoccupied picnic shelter or portable toilet to get dressed. Then Holy Shit, a couple local guys I recognize, recognized me! They were pulled over watching us for about an hour, my head bobbing and naked ass shaking in the window doing some guy in his car for all to see, they were just parked having a few beers enjoying the show, so they laughed and teased me and said if I stayed naked for them too, they would drop me off by our farm driveway. One tossed me a can of beer and the rest took a few pics with their cellphones. They grabbed my pack and shorts and I reluctantly climbed into the bed of his pick up naked while the three of them got in the front and drove me the last few miles to our gate. At this point if they each wanted a BJ or worse I would have given it up willingly just to end the nightmare.

They stopped and I got out of the back, they tossed me my backpack and shorts and another can of beer and said I owe them big time, and they sped off laughing.

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  • Don't you know that there are crazy people out there who stop and pick up hitchers? Did you really want to get raped or worse killed? Shame on you for walking around dressed like a slut in public 'looking for trouble'.

  • How did they treat you after that? Give any a blowjob yet?

  • Turns out I went to high school with two of the three, and about a month later I sucked both their cocks in the bay at the gas station their Dad owned. Just unlucky that they were working that day when I had to get a jerry can filled. I walked down to the station about a half mile from the family farm, how else but shirtless and barefoot! They got out their phones and laughed that it was payback time now. Without hesitation I stepped out of my cutoffs and posed
    naked then got really oily and dirty from walking around barefoot in the grease and so did my knees, ass and thighs from kneeling, sitting and laying on the filthy floor sucking these guys off. They took plenty of pictures of me doing them. Took two loads from each and swallowed what I could. At least they gave me a shop towel to wipe up and treated me to a Coke to wash down their spunk. The third guy hasn't come around yet, but I'll do him too next time I see him.

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