My awesome wife

My wife has only become sexier since we got married, we have two kids and she is constantly moving and doing. She tells me all the time that she does not know how she would ever get all the things done if she also had a job. She is adamant that I do not do anything around the house, pushes me away from the sink when I try to load the dishwasher. I ask her if there is anything she needs done around the house and she will put her hands on my face and kiss me then tell me to get my tongue warmed up because mama needs her pussy licked tonight.
She turns into a sex machine at night, she comes to bed wearing pj's but once she does that final check on the kids making sure they are asleep she strips them off and wants to be f@cked. I kid you not, she will walk in the bedroom, close the door and strip off her clothes and tell me to f@ck her hard or mama needs her pussy licked.
She was sucking on my cock a few nights ago while the kids were still trying to fall asleep, she had one ear to the door and her mouth pleasuring me. One of them called out and she got up not even mad about it, told me not to beat off and she would be back in a minute. She was gone like ten minutes and I was soft and frustrated but did nothing and said nothing about it. She came back in the bedroom, climbed up on the bed and pulled the covers down like nothing had happened and began sucking away on me.
I sometimes come home on a Friday and she is wearing next to or nothing at all, I have even come home and she is on the couch playing with herself watching porn. I just look at her and know that the kids are at her mothers for the night, those nights are unbelievable, hours of sex, pleasure, dessert, sex and more sex. One of our kids is still breastfeeding and sometimes she is dripping milk, she was on top of me riding me like I was a sex toy and her milk was dripping down on me. She reached down and pulled one of her nipples up to her mouth and sucked on it for a minute while rotating her hips around. I was ready to blow my load just watching her do it then she tells me that she loves the taste of her milk then leans down and puts a nipple right in my mouth, I suckled on her for quite some time getting a great filling of milk. The whole time she was grinding her hips on me telling me my cock was so perfect for her. I finally had a great orgasm and she slid down and looked at my cum covered cock, totally covered in sperm and her juices. She licked and sucked me until I was clean and hard again telling me at the beginning that she loved how our flavors blended together tasted.

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  • Fucking while breastfeeding feels amazing to a woman. I love when my husband feeds off me.

  • Do your tit squirt while getting fucked?

  • They leak a lot yes

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