Am I gay for dating a trans?

I didn't know my girlfriend was a transgender. I knew her voice was kind of weird and she seemed abnormally strong for a girl, but I didn't suspect anything. Like the makeup she has and the way she looks, it's so hot. Like she looks so hot, and the way she went about this was smart. Before she got naked she said "do you love me for who I am" and I said yes. She then revealed her dick to me. She explained everything to me. Her name was justin before she changed it. She got fake tits (which are great) and I love her. She told me to suck her dick to prove I love her, so I did. We passed the speed through our mouths and she fucked me, and i fucked her. But basically I was thinking, yeah sucking dick and getting fucked is gay but I did it because I love HER and I'm attracted to HER. And also if she still has a dick is she fully trans? Idek, my parents I think are transphobic, the rest of my family definetly are. But I don't care I've fallen in love with her, and if I'm gay then I'm only gay for her. Transgenders are really nice

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  • On a vacation to Indonesia I found myself with a trans that I thought was a woman. At the point I find she has a dick, I had already been brought to orgasm and it seemed too demeaning to walk out after such good treatment. I reluctantly decided to give in and stroke it for her. I was very hesitant and felt really weird for even doing it at all. But after a while, I found that it was interesting.

    She kept motioning for me to suck it, and she was sucking me again. But I kept shaking my head no and just stroking it. After a while, I decided to make her happy and just lightly suck it for a moment. It was interesting, so I decided to do it more. Then More and more. After she came, but not in my mouth, I left. I felt strange and turned on at the same time. I went and had a massage from a real woman to kind of wash the Gay off so to speak. I was really weirded out.

    Later, I decided that I was at least partially bisexual. Because a dick was much more interesting than I thought it would be. I never wanted to touch one in my life, and only touched that one reluctantly. But it was fun. If I had not found myself with her, I would have never known that it was fun to touch a dick. Now I've touched five. All are fun. But I'm not Gay, as I don't want anything else to do with a man. No kissing, hugging, etc. Just their dicks and nothing more. So at least bi light. And I still find women amazing in every way. For guys, just dicks are amazing.

    So roll with it. You can like the dick because it comes attached to the woman that you already liked. The dick is just an amazing part that happens to come with her. Just enjoy it.

  • Yes, transgenders are really nice. Nothing about your love for her makes you gay or bi, just a guy in love.

  • I'm married,and sucked a tranny off

  • Certainly are Buster, no use trying to hide it

  • You sucked a cock, you are at least bi.

  • Of course you are, what are you trying to justify it or something your a poof Buster get used to it because you are going to get a lot of friends that are shall we say strange

  • Good luck, congrats on being open minded.

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