I’m tiny and cute and I know it. When I see a fat girl, I purposely flaunt it...I love that look they give me when they know how much hotter I am! I love the fact that some of them even want me for their own but they know they never could. I love being a little tease.

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  • Oof. This is definitely a man who didn't get any in high school.

  • Enjoy your looks while you have them, but keep in mind that they will eventually fade. I've fucked over 200 women in my 50 some years of life, some thin and hot, and some were big fat hogs. Around my late twenties, I started to realise that looks are clearly not as important as other things when it comes to women.

  • This reeks of “I’m an old man and this is how girls act”

  • But your attitude makes you the ugliest in the room...... once you grow up that is. And no, this isn't coming from some fat bitch. I'm a dude, married to a hottie that doesn't think she's all that.

    And since your "much hotter" and a "little tease" how about posting your pic on ratemyv.com and put the link here to prove it.

  • So triggered hehe Also that’s not allowed and this place is anonymous, that’s why I came here

  • Oh go and get fucked you smart arse, noone could be as good as you, dick head

  • As good as me? I'm not the one posting stupid shit as if I'm all that..... So your well spoken comment has no ground to stand on you dumb "arse". And learn how to speak proper AMERICAN english, not that queens shit that you d-bags across the pond babble out. "Noone" Seriously, WTF is that? Do you mean no-one, or no one? Or is "noone" the name you gave your BBC dildo? Dick weed.

  • Ummm that’s not me, I’m above

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