Cousin wanted me

I was 17, and my cousin was 18. We were both watching a movie after swimming at her boyfriend's house. We spent hours in the sun and she said that I should put lotion on my shoulders so they would not peel from being exposed to the sun. She rubbed my shoulders and told me how strong I felt, her legs were opened as I was between them and I could feel her pushing her crotch closer to my lower back. I turned around, kissed her and told her I wanted her. She said nothing, just staring into my eyes and moving her panties to the side so my cock could enter. She moaned with pleasure as I began to pump feverishly into her. As she was climaxing, she asked me to cum in her. That did it, I unloaded a massive load into my cousin. She is now married with 3 kids and every Christmas, she'll squeeze my ass while no one is looking and mouth to me 'summer 1992'.... Still makes me horny thinking about our one evening together,

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  • I live in England, and I married my cousin. It's legal here.

  • My younger cousin I grew up dicked teased me for 2 years and I finally fucked her. We had every intention to have an affair as I am married then a sudden job offer for her out of state changed our plans.

  • My wife told me she used to suck her cousins dick since she was twelve. They found a porn movie and watched it together and he wanted her to suck his dick and she did it. She said he would get her alone every time they were visiting which was quite often and he would ask her to do it. She said at first she refused but he threatened that he would tell on her that she watched the porn movie and she was scared so she would do it with out arguement for years. She said she would swallow his cum because that’s what they did in the movie and she began giving blow jobs to boyfriends when she was thirteen.
    I don’t complain, she’s really good at sucking dick and she always swallows.

  • Im fourteen and my sisters eleven and we have being playing around for ages and she sucks my dick and I lick her pussy and little boobs. I can put my stuff in her because she has not had her periods yet and we bought love it and have great fun and we bought said mom better never catch us because shes to strict and goes to church and would whip us bought..

  • Kissing cousins there the best, my first taste of pussy was my cousin after swimming on the deck of her pool. We were both 16 and virgins, not for long. We still hook up and are 29.

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