Secret public masturbation

Love to sit behind the wheel while parked in a parking lot where women walk by not knowing that I am masturbating. I would be embarrassed if they knew so I am careful but still love it when they come to get into the car parked next to me. I like summertime when I can see their bare legs and follow up into their crotch knowing that they probably masturbate too. Writing about this is arousing, so I must quit now and rub my favorite lubrication onto my swelling penis - vitamin E oil. Vaseline isn't bad, but it is harder to wipe off when I'm done ejaculating, which when I do, I like to say "I'm a chronic masturbator..." over and over. I can't wait and hope that you are getting ready to masturbate too. I wish it was acceptable to masturbate in public or at least go to places where it was accepted. Love to masturbate...

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  • Adult bookstores with mini-movie booths are usually a hotbed of cock-jerkers. The ones with gloryholes are the best for this. I never sucked a cock stuck through the hole, or stuck mine through for sucking, but, I would let them watch as I jerked off into a French tickler. Most guys just shot their cum on the floor or the movie / video screen in the booth, but I was clean about it and extremely paranoid about AIDS. This was many years ago. Women hardly ever ventured into these places, and if they did they were either prostitutes or cops.

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