Slef discovery

My wife is 24. she is a sweet gal and naturally sexy. she is 4' 11', small breasts perfectly shaped and very sensitive. She has beautiful legs and a nicely shaped butt.
We had been married for three years and enjoyed pretty good sex. She was a virgin when I married her. I was the only male she had ever known intimately.
We have a friend, Jerry, who is my wife's age. He is a big guy and was studying to be a physical therapist. This would be a step up from his occupation as a beach life guard!
The three of us spent a lot of time together and I would be kidding myself if I did not admit that I knew he had a thing for Jenny.
Of course he was never openly aggressive but he teased her a lot and the three of us were very comfortable around each other. Jenny might be still in her night gown or some other form of skimpy clothing when Jerry would drop by unannounced.
He would give her a friendly hug which, with his size, would often involve lifting her completely off the ground. she would giggle and protest and he would cap it of with a brotherly kiss on her cheek. His hand would find her butt followed by squeeze, a giggle and a reprimand.
At some point in time i discovered that the horseplay was sexual turn on for me. I began to fantasize about the two of them. I would imagine his big body enveloping hers having sex. When he did the Tarzan thing, picking her up, my eyes would go directly too where his crotch was pressed against hers. I knew he was getting a cheap feel and using his bulge to do it. A couple of times I caught his eye as he glanced over at me to see what my reaction was. He would wink at me.
I would watch for the inevitable moment when he would hug her or kiss her or innocently lay his hand on her thigh. He did that often, sort of treating her like a little girl that needed fathering. He would pat her leg and gently squeeze her inner thigh. I think she liked those little sessions.
I tested her as best I could with conversation including hints about how she might feel about him and what she thought other women would think about him sexually. She admitted that he was a hunk and their mutual female friends made him the topic of their girl talk frequently.
Jimmy's favorite beach clothing was a speedo which left nothing to the imagination. His tanned physic allowed him that freedom. One night in bed I asked Jenny what she thought of his bathing suit. She pretended not to know what I was suggesting. "What about it" was her answer. I pushed. "He has quite a package down there don't you think? Jenny pretended to be mildly offended that I would choose such a subject to discuss. She capped off the conversation by assuring me that she "liked my package". I pushed a little harder. I wondered how that would feel to a woman inside of her. Jenny was dead silent an I knew I had hit a nerve. "You ever thought about that?' I asked. "Of course", she replied. I was a little shocked at her response but it was also very arousing to me because it was exactly what I wanted her to say. Was she laying there imagining him inside of her?
I started kissing her, feeling her sensitive breasts and whispering in her ear, " he would really fill you up baby". "Have you wondered about it?' "Yes." "Would you like it to happen?. In about five minutes or less I had managed to go from a casual mention of our friend's large penis to suggesting that she might like to fuck him. Jenny balked. she pushed me away and whispered in sort of an angry tone "No! For God's sake." She pretended to be upset but the conversation had made her horny. She grabbed me and climbed on top of me announcing that I was the only guy she ever wanted. We had fantastic sex that night. The subject had been broached. I knew the idea of Jenny having sex with Jerry was as much a part of her secret thoughts as mine.
Then it happened. It was Sunday afternoon. Jenny was hanging around in her bikini and cover up anticipating a dip in the pool after lunch. I was in my usual shorts and T. The doorbell rang and in walked Jerry in his proverbial speedo and no top. He didn't hesitate to pick Jenny up and hold her against his belly, squeezing her and blowing on her neck to make her laugh. I caught an instant erection. The usual smiles and greetings and Jenny and I gave each other a knowing look as in "this is what we were discussing". Jenny's face flushed as she caught my eye. I smiled back.
Jerry was hot for the three of us to go to the beach. Jenny didn't want to go. She picked the wrong excuse. She claimed to have a tummy ache. Jerry told he was the tummy ache specialist with his newly acquired training in physical manipulation of pain. All of a sudden he was gentle Ben. His big arm went around her capturing her as he gently touched her exposed belly with his other hand. He almost whispered, "This is not a girl thing is it because there is nothing I can do about that. Jenny playfully slapped his arm and blushed. "No, silly!"
"ok, you need to let me try something on you to see if it helps. Jenny was now trapped in a lie bu that as only part of it. She was also curious. We both were.
Jerry escorted her to the bedroom as if he owned her. I followed, anxious. He instructed he lay cross the bed on her back. I was mesmerized by her beauty as she dutifully lay back. The movement pulled at her bikini and her camel toe was perfectly outlined. I felt strangely uncomfortable knowing that our friend was seeing her laying there so exposed with her beautiful body on display. I also felt the now very familiar feelings of arousal born from knowing that another man was enjoying my wife's treasures. I wanted that degree of enjoyment to increase ten fold. I could feel the tenseness in the room. We all three knew we were not thinkng abut Jenny's tummy ache.
I looked at Jenny her eyes were closed. What was she thinking? Has she surrendered to the fantasy? Is she really going to let him put his big hands on her and massage her laying in her own bed with her hubby watching? My erection was hurting. I peeked at Jerry. His erection was also responding to the situation.
He was on his knees beside her. I leaned against the wall and watched. He was speaking softly to her and describing what he was doing as his hands began to probe her soft bare belly, sliding around it and pulling up on her hips and waistline. She lay there like limp rag doll and let him handle her small body with those big hands. There was dead silence except for irregular breathing from the three people in the room.` Silence broken by an occasional question from Jerry, "How does that feel?" "Does that hurt?" "Is your pain more here or there". Her responses were not much more than little moans or movement of her head.
Jimmy turned his head to look at me and when he did his one hand slid gently across my wife's mound. Sort of accidental I guess. Her response was to moan and move her hand to cover her self but she didn't stop him. He smiled at me. I nodded at him. I think we agreed right at that moment that he had my permission to go as far as she would let him go. He looked down at my crotch and I suddenly realized that he had caught me holding my self. He looked back up again and smiled.
Jerry gently took Jenny's hand and moved it from it's protective position over her mound. "It's ok, relax", he said. His hand, palm down on her belly, began to slide in little circles. Each time his fingertips came to the waistband of her bikini they slipped further down.
i moved so he could not see me, unzipped and began to massage my cock. His hand slide around on her smooth belly and his fingertips dipping into her waistband. I knew he could feel that little bit of hair she kept around the top of her pussy. I knew his fingertip was touching her clit.
Jerry turned again and looked at me. He motioned with his head. I was to leave the room. I got a pained look on my face and he motioned again, this time more insistently. I reluctantly mumbled something about being back in a minute, needed to check the pool pump timer and left . I began to have second thoughts. I knew that our friend Jimmy was in there seducing my sweet young wife. She was about to experience another man's cock for the first time.
I stayed aroused and continued to imagine him fucking her with that big dick. I leaned on the counter top and waited for some sort of signal for me to reenter the room. I worried that his massive penis might hurt her. I could not let that happen. I wanted to see it sliding in and out of her. She wanted this to happen. I wanted to share the moment with her. I wanted to watch her face twisting along with her body.
Then a distinct moan from Jenny, a loud one. Her mouth wide open as she cried out. I knew he was pushing into her. More gasps and moans. . I slipped down the hall and stepped just inside the open door to the bedroom. Jerry had pulled a sheet over the two of them. His speedo was on the floor. A little pile of cloths made up her bikini bottom and top. She was naked under that sheet and he was in her. He legs were spread her head thrown back. He was humping himself into her with long deep thrusts. Jerry was fucking my wife with all of that thick cock. She had her arms wrapped around his shoulders, holding on for dear life as he rode her, pounded into her. Each thrust bringing those sounds , the grunting and moaning in unison.
Certainly she understood that I was ok with her fucking our best friend. I moved over to the side of the bed and sat. Jenny turned her head to look at me. Her eyes were glazed over with passion. I leaned in. I tasted the sweetness of her sweat. I covered her mouth with mine and felt the surge of Jerry fucking her. I slid my hand down till my fingers found her mound and then her wet slit. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of her. My head was spinning. I felt her hand searching out my cock . It immediately began spewing cum. I was in heaven and there was more to come.

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