My First Love

It happened long ago but I still get chills when I think how Mr. Egard gave me my first taste of love. It happened when I was helping him take care of his horses. At this particular time His stud horse had mounted Jenny a mare that was in heat. I was amazed at the length of the stud's cock and as I watched him fuck the mare, I little cock started to twitch and Dave, Mr. Egard noticed my bump in my pants.

"Which do you like?" He said. "The fucking or the long cock?"

"I don't know for sure. I mean his cock is so big and I've never seen one so huge but I like watching him fuck her." I replied.

"Mmmm, I can see your into this by the bump in your pants. That little one needs some attention. Why don't we go in the house and let him do his thing."

When we arrived at the house he had me sit in the parlor and fixed us a drink. I sat on the sofa and he came and sat next to me and put his arm around me as he talked about what was going on in the barn. He told me that on Wednesday he was going to put the stud in with an other mare and asked if I wanted to watch. I nodded yes and that is when he put his hand on my crotch and gently squeezing said to me.

"This little girl is going to get hot once again and I think it's the cock the stirs him up. What do you think?"

I just looked at him and smiled but didn't attempt to move away from him, instead I leaned back into the arm that was around me. He gently massaged my cock and leaned over to touch my lips with his. I got excited and pushed my cock up as he worked on it. He touched my lips again and this time the kiss lasted longer. I felt his tongue touching my lips and for some reason I knew to open my mouth to receive this tongue. Giving me more kisses he asked if I'd like to lay on the bed.

As we lay on the bed and kissing I felt him start to undress me. finally naked he undressed himself. I looked at his massive cock and asked if i could touch it. My little hand could hardly get around it so I put both hands on it. Dave told me that he would show me what to do and then he kissed me deeply and began to trail kisses, working his way down. When he reached my little cock he took and kissed all over. It made me so hot that I began to moan. I almost died when he took my cock into his mouth. After a while he aske if I'd like to try and I agreed. I wanted to take his cock into my mouth as he did me but it was too large and I moved back into his arms and began to cry because i couldn't take all of him. But later on I did and I am so glad that he taught how to enjoy cock.

9 months ago


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