Drunk sister in law

My wife asked me to go check on her sister one night after she got off the phone with her. She told me that her sister sounded really drunk and just wanted to make sure that she was okay, I really did not want to go over to her house but my wife has that look of worry on her face. She gave me her key to the house and I drove over there to check on her.
I knocked a few times without a response then opened the door up and still did not hear anything from her, practically every light was on in the house so I began looking around for her. I saw a mostly empty bottle on the kitchen counter so my wife was probably right about the drunk part. I found her in the hallway laying on the floor, looked like she was going to her bedroom and passed out. I talked to her some with no response, it looked like she was sleeping. I got her up in a sitting position and then picked her up and carried her to the bed. She started talking to me then but most of it was a little hard to understand while I was getting her onto the bed. She suddenly seemed really chatty and kept saying she felt really hot, her hands grabbed both sides of her shirt and slipped it off over her head. One of her hands went behind her and began trying to undo her bra, she was getting frustrated so I reached out and undid the back. She wiggled out of it and then started undoing her pants, I helped out of those and asked her if she wanted some pajamas. When I turned around she was half under the covers and had rolled over on her front side. I went over to get her covered up completely and she asked me to scratch her back. I lightly began doing so and she let out little sounds of satisfaction as I ran my fingers back and forth all over. I could not help staring at the sides of her breast, she has pretty large ones like my wife does and so I just kept up the caressing waiting for her to start sleeping.
I kept up the back scratching but she had moved around some and in doing so her feet had pulled the sheet down exposing half her butt, I left it that way and as I went down her back I ran my fingers over her rear seeing how she would react. She did not care one bit so I kept doing it and pushing the covers down a little more each time until her whole rear was exposed. After a few more minutes of caressing she began moving again and in a few turns and twists she was on her back and told me that she wanted the front done now. She had put her arms stretched out above her head so I began lightly scratching her stomach and along the sides of her breast, after a few minutes of this I started tracing circles around her nipples and she began moaning how great it felt to be touched.
I lost all self control at that point and started kissing and licking them, I worked my way down her until I had my face between her legs licking away on her. She never protested one bit and spread her legs out wide, I had my hands caressing her breast while my face was pressed against her licking her deeply. I licked her until she came moaning out with an orgasm and spreading her legs out all the way, she had the same reactions as my wife when she came. I got up after licking her for a few more minutes then pulled the covers over her while she curled up on her side. I knew that I was going to be in trouble if she remembered any of this, I cleaned up and went home after turning off all the lights.
When I arrived home my wife asked me how it went and I told her that she needed someone to talk to for a little bit but I got her into bed and sleeping before I left, she told me I was the best husband in the world. I just laughed and told her that she set me up and owed me big time. She was in a playful mood and told me I was going to get some payback, she pulled down the covers and began giving me a blow job. I watched her head bobbing up and down and her breast swaying around thru the front of her night gown. She has always been really great at sucking cock and I could not help to wonder if her sister was just as good. She then started stopping while sucking and asking me questions, her first one was "so how drunk was she when you got over there?"
I told her how I found her in the hallway but she started coming around when I picked up to put her in bed. She then asked me if she had any clothes on and I told her what she was wearing. I then told her that as I was trying to cover her up she started saying she was really hot and removing her shirt. I told her that I helped her with her bra and she did the rest then I covered her up and stayed next to her scratching her back while she fell asleep. The questions stopped while she intensely sucked on my cock until I came filling her mouth. She never stops sucking on me while I orgasm and I love feeling her lips pulling on my head. She finished up and laid down on top of me looking at me, she then asked if I saw her naked or where the lights off. I told her that every light was on in the whole house and I did see her naked while she was stripping off her clothes. She gave me a kiss and then asked me which one of them was more beautiful, I told her that she was far better looking than her sister and she called me a liar. I tickled her out of her night gown and licked my second pussy of the night to orgasm.
The next day some time around late morning her sister pulled up in the driveway, she was all cleaned up and smiling when she came inside the house. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down to talk with us, everything seemed normal with her and then my wife asked her how she slept last night. She told her that she woke up this morning feeling really good and I asked her if she remembered how she got to bed. She gave us a blank look and told me that she got into bed just find and why was I asking. My wife laughed at her and asked her if she remembered anything from last night at all, she still had a blank look on her face as my wife told her that I came over there to check on her and put her to bed then turned off all the lights. Her sister did not believe her at first so I knew at that point that she was totally out of it when I was over there. I began joking around with her and told her that I was glad to see she slept really good.
I left the two of them and went out to the garage but later on my wife told me that her sister still could not believe that she did not remember me coming over there and getting her into bed then looked at her and told her that she woke up without anything on. My wife told her what I had said about that and her sister was really embarrassed then but they laughed about it pretty good.

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  • My sister-in-law has a bad alcohol problem. She will drink until she passes out. Her husband works continuous evening shift and will often call us from work if she does not answer the phone. We go over to take care of the kids and find her passed out. Sometimes she does not have clothes on or is only partially dressed. She was hot looking when she was young but now she is not that great. Time and booze has changed her. I don't think I would screw her even with someone else's dick.

  • I picked up my SIL took her back to my place, as I dropped her on the couch, I fell between her legs, noticing she wasn't wearing any panties, I took my dick out and fucked her quick. And she doesn't remember

  • Some guys serve 10 years for that

  • It's only rape if you get caught.

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