Something I didn't expect

Got off work an hour early for a change. Headed home. Walked in the door to all the lights out. Went back to the bedroom. TV was on. Flipped the light on and there was my wife. She was naked with a female co-worker of hers sitting on her face. Can't say I'm mad although she had said on more than one occasion that she wouldn't sleep with a woman because she isn't interested in pussy. Coulda fooled me

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  • You both should be relieved that it is out in the open, don't you feel good that it is a female relationship, my wife has had a relationship with her best girl friend from high school since before we married and I have always known, they keep it pretty low key only her husband and I are aware and support them both because it does not interfere with our lives in particular we all have great sex

  • Oh I think it's hot as hell. Just curious why she always told me she wasn't interested in pussy when she really is

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