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Going back probably 90s my wife used to work for a supermarket chain which the name has been taken over know , she worked in the office so was on the phone a lot , During this time she told me one of the stores she would talk to a guy who would flirt with her , He would say you sound nice also has time went on said to my wife we will have to meet up , but they was along way apart so I didn't take much notice , I told her not to flirt she said she was not , She stop talking about him when asked her does she still talk to him she said no but I didn't believe her , At this time my wife would go out with her work mates so I think she could have done something , Also she would keep a change of clothes at work which I found out one night when we was going out ,I asked her to wear a mini skirt i bought her she said she did not want to , when I kept on she said it was at work , when she went out she looked hot still does do you think she did anything , you may recognize all what I said if its you please tell me what you did to her and what she did to you ,I would love to know , if not anyone else what do you think

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  • I am that guy I think , we only got together once , We done everything you can think of

  • Quite a word salad.

  • "Word Salad".... love it! was thinking the same but didn't have a term, till now. Thx for the new term :)

  • It's been around since Sarah Palin.

    Ex: 'Sarah Palin is the Wasilla word salad.'

    Note the top return from this duckduckgo search ...

  • What do you mean by that

  • That you need grammar lessons.

  • We call it, "verbal vomit"

  • I fucked the shit out of her and blew my load in that pussy and she would go home and let you eat that spunk up.

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