Let's just start by saying this isn't something that didn't happen over night. This isn't something that he entirely drove me to do, this is just who I am and his actions added fuel to the fire.
I was never relationship material to begin with. My Sexx drive is too high to just have 1 man I always desire more.

My husband
He's gives me EVERYTHING but honesty and loyalty. Those two things are necessary in order to have a happy, healthy and manogmous relationship/marriage. YES!
People always say "if you don't have those things you shouldn't be the person" I say blah, blah, blah.
If that person isn't giving you that then... you take what you can get and you get whatever it is you're missing from someone else.
I know this may not sound like the ideal relationship or marriage but let's just be honest you have 1 life to live so do what makes you happy.

My husband isn't perfect at all he's a lying sack of sh*t and so am I.. LOL only when necessary. I found out my husband was having affairs with women at his job when he decided to not come home one night and instead spend the night with some ho. I should've have left his a*s but as a housewife that would be cutting off my resources. I don't work he takes care of me so I spend his mone and cheat on him because I can't get him to stop so when you can't beat them you join them.
I always make sure he comes home to a clean quiet house. I always make sure he has a hot meal no matter what time he came home from work. I sucked his d*ck really good and made sure every time we were intimate I DOMINATED. I did all my wifey duties as if I was perfect. I wasn't..After putting up with so much from him
I decided it was time to put myself on the market just a little but not too much I didn't want to make a mess of things.
I only messed with married men or men who had sh*t to lose such as families, wives, girlfriends things to that nature. That is because I knew they wouldn't tell because he didn't want to lose what he had at home and neither did I.
I'm a very attractive woman, my body and my face makes men lust after me a lot and I love it.
When my husband goes to work I become a totally different woman. When he leaves I no longer belonged to him I belonged to the other man and I didn't have 1 man I had several different men.
I would drop my husband off and then I would I contact the other guys and which ever made my pus*y throb from conversation is who I would go see..
At first I felt bad about it because I really love my husband and I know he loves me but I refuse to get played.

The other guy....... SEE NEW POSTS (should I keep going comment below)

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  • I decided to become a LMT about five years ago and my husband cannot believe the amount of money I make doing it. He has no idea that most of my clients end up having an orgasm and quite a few of them give me one as well.

  • This sounds a lot like Tracey. You even talk like her. Tracey is this you?

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