My cousin wants me to come visit him...

My cousin is 10 years older than me and we’ve never met. We recently connected on FB and have been talking nonstop. That kind of turned into flirting and sexting. Now we’re talking about me visiting him and you know, doing everything we’re talking about lol. I know i know i know, gross wrong blah blah blah. But it’s kinda hot tbh. I really really want to but I still know it’s wrong. BUT I WANT TO. What do I do?



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  • Don't be a pathetic loser and have incest sex! Incest is for retards, morons and fucked up losers!!

  • Go for it!! It is a Hot Story, so Enjoy!! I hope you have Fun and I hope he makes you cum non stop!! I love to hear more!!

  • Shut the fuck up incest lover!

  • I don’t think anything is wrong with that you should do it

  • So you don't know that incest is wrong, gross and illegal dumb fuck.

  • Do it till you're satisficed

  • Nothing dumb fuck but that ain't what you want to hear! You wan't to jerk off to the other replies saying go and fuck him right incest lover!
    Incest is for imbeciles too homely, retarded, moronic, fucked up and unstable to have a relationship with anyone outside of their family.

    You dumb fucks can't find somebody in the 7.8 billion people thats not in you family!

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