Fantasies made into realities: Adventure #3

As I’m getting older my sexual appetite as changed drastically. I find myself more adventurous and exploring new avenues.

I’ve met many new people in my new found adventures. They are of all professions and races.

Several have stuck out and increasingly peeked my interest. I have one that we seem to be so much alike and connect on so many different levels.

My friends came in town one weekend and invited me to come have a drink at their hotel. I accepted and asked if my friend Greg could come along. I had been eager for them to meet him.

As I said before we have so many interests that are exactly the same on many levels. It didn’t take long before we were all naked and entwined in each other.

I was sucking my friend’s husband’s beautiful huge dick while Greg was busy eating her pussy. Meanwhile my friend had her fingers busy in my pussy, while her husband sucked her lucious breasts. He came deep in my mouth as his hot cum hit the back of my throat. My friend came shortly after. I looked over as I’m hearing her cum. Greg is busy licking every last drop. As I watch I’m not jealous, I find myself excited.

I want my turn I want to feel his tongue deep inside me. Greg rolls over on his back while I sit on his face and feel his tongue deep inside me. My friend climbs on top of him and begins to ride him as she is busy with my breasts. Her husband pushes her forward so that he can take her ass while Greg has her pussy.

We all had a very satisfying evening. We were all exhausted but showered, dressed and headed to dinner. At dinner we all admitted we were ready to play again afterwards.

Our after dinner delight is soon to come...

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