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I have posted dozens of my naked pictures on Craigslist in many different states. I love to hear what men would do to me if they ever had a chance. Recently I posted in my own area my tits ass and pussy. I was getting some really good responses , when I opened another one , I replied and to my surprise it was my best friends husband. So I played with it for awhile. We started exchanging naked pics. It was hot and fun. A few days before Halloween they were over and we had some drinks. He approached me when I was getting some snacks in the kitchen. He placed his hand on my back and asked when we were going to stop teasing each other and get nasty. I must have had a shocked look because he smiled and said you didn't realize that I knew it was you did you. I shook my head no. He smiled and said that he could see in the background of some of my pictures that it was in my bedroom and bathroom. I told him that when my husband goes to work in the morning we should talk. So he came over around 9:30 am the next morning and was all over me. Now I have cheated and I don't feel remorse I want to do it again and again and again.

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  • Isnt it a rush??

  • And again?

  • Yes

  • You’re a horrible wife and a horrible friend

  • ... but I bet she's a great fuck.

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