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after a while stopped for a drink and to watch they stoped to now just fonding each others boobs carer said pity had not brought her double dildo wifey smiled saying no need she had 1 as wanted my ass sometime carer looked saying would she get it so wifey went bedroom to get but carer followed and jumped on the bed now fully naked asking wifey if she tries on her so could hear some mones walked to the bedroom to see wifey on top now fucking her in missionary position carer comes and they just lied there for while carer asked what wifey fav position she said doggie and carer said ok let her put the toy on and wifey get in position if wanted and she did she moved smiled at me telling move closer and as she was getting from behind asked me wank and come over her face well must say good birthday and we carried on playing drinking teasing each other till early hours

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