My Cuckold Fantasy About My Virgin Fiancée

My greatest cuckold fantasy is to watch my fiancee let a bull, with a huge cock, take her virginity. I want to get off on the intense cuckold angst I'll ever experience knowing she chose another man to be her first, and that I can never change that. I want the bull to make fun of me for it and for him to tell me how Alpha he feels, having my fiancée's virginity. I want him to tell me how tight her pussy is and to rhetorically ask me if I know why. I want to listen to him tell me how good my fiancée's pussy feels.

As she starts to adjust to him size, I'll be highly aroused and tell him to fuck my fiancée's virgin pussy harder. I want him to make me tell him how hard I want him to fuck my girl, so that I can tell him to pound her so hard she can't walk. I want to hear my girl moan and scream from the pleasure. I want her to tell me that this is why she chose her bull over me. I want her to tell me my little cock didn't deserve her virginity. Assuming I don't shoot my load, I'll be aroused enough to tell him to ruin her pussy for me, so that she doesn't prefer my little dick. If the bull asks why, I'll tell him that I want my fiancée to prefer his cock over mine because the jealousy and humiliation turns me on so badly.

I want my fiancée to tell him, when he's ready to cum, he can do so in her pussy. She chooses him to be the first to cum in her pussy. The overwhelming emotions of letting another man experience such a profound and nasty pleasure, instead of me, will make me stop jerking, so I can stop from cumming. She's about to receive something that could make her pregnant, but still took the risk, because she knows how I'll feel about it. The only thing I would want to say is for it to be the biggest load he can give her, and to insert his dick as far as it can go into her cunt, as he begins. It's not that I want her to become pregnant; rather, the virgin status of her pussy is in its final moments, so it would make me jealous to know that her virgin cunt will massage his entire shaft, as the head of his cock gets stimulated by parts of her vagina that I'll never be able to feel. As he begins to cum, I'll ask her if she feels his cum, only to be answered with an orgasm of her own. Her spasming cunt will milk every drop of hot jizz into her officially deflowered vagina.

She'll look to me and say "I'm not a virgin anymore" which finally pushes me over the edge and I erupt. Both of them will watch me shoot the most intense load I've ever cum. As I'm rubbing it all out, I'll thank the bull for taking my fiancée's virginity and for cumming in her. I'll thank both of them for fulfilling my greatest fantasy.

For the following week or two, I'll have an intermittent amount of sleepless nights, from elavated restlessness and arousal. I'll probably rub my dick raw. My mind will go back and forth from remembering everything that happened and imagining what my next intense cuckold fantasy should me.

Note: I do want this fantasy to become a reality. I practically need it to happen. Sometimes, in order to cope with it, I show bulls online pictures of her pussy (with her concent) and tell them she's a virgin. They almost always know what I want to happen. I ask them if they truly would do this, if they could, and they answer yes. Knowing that there are people who would make this happen makes this fantasy stronger.

Note: My fiancée and I have talked about it a lot. She's not officially agreed to do it, but she's also not said no. If it becomes no, then I'll have to figure out how to adjust. But since she's not agreed to do it, perhaps there's a lucky bull will change her mind.

Note: My fiancée indulges my fantasies as I jerk off (which includes SPH). And she has been naked with another trusted guy, suck his dick (but without swallowing cum), and let him go down on her. She's this sexually active, with other guys, regularly and only when I can watch.


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  • Do you have a stutter? 3rd time im seeing this crap. And if your fiance is still a virgin she's probably butt ugly.

  • I thought the posts didn’t get posted. She’s not ugly whatsoever. She grew up in a conservative culture.

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