Cuckold desire

Me and my partner do a role play thing where she comes home used by her bull and then tells me what he’s done to her and orders me to clean her up. With my tongue!
She shows me the mess in her panties where his cum has leaked out of her and I lick every last drop of semen from her. She sits on my face so it all slowly oozes out of her. I love this because the reality is I make love to her slow and deep leaving my cum inside her then she gets up and goes out for a drive and returns half hour later dressed in her fuck me clothes and lingerie. I get to drink my cum from her shaved pussy and whilst she slowly wanks me off to another intense orgasm.
But I really would love her to come home used full of another mans semen and clean her up. Unfortunately I think she wants to keep it as a fantasy!

1 month ago

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    • This guy shat in my daughter's pussy and she made me eat it out

    • That's how it all started with my wife when I told her I fantasized about watching her getting fucked by a few of the neighborhood hubbies. Mike in particular. She was always making comments about what great shape he was in. She also knew he was well hung because she's good friends with his wife Kathy and, well, girlfriends talk I about that sort of stuff I guess. I'm only 5" cut and that's on a good day LOL, so the thought of a well-hung bull like Mike breeding her really, really turned me on. Then one day I return home from a business trip to find Mike walking around our house in the nude while my wife was running an errand...told me "she'll be back real soon." When she walked in from the garage she gave me a welcome-home peck on the lips, stripped naked in the kitchen, and led Mike back to the bedroom...telling me I could sit in the corner and watch if I wanted to. It was fucking awesome.

    • I’d jump at the chance to sit there watching, hearing and smelling the sex. I know I’d be wanking myself off slowly to them.

    • How do you know she not stopping somewhere and getting a full load in her

    • I don’t but that really would make me happy and horny!

    • Send me pictures of her.

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