Question for the ladies?

Question for the ladies?
Who taught you how to give a good blow job?
Can you remember the first time?
How did it make you feel when you had your first mouthful of cum?

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  • I learned from boyfriends.

  • I learned from the guys I've been with. I was bad at it for a long time, and I could tell, because I could never make guys feel good enough to finish. Gradually I learned where the hot spots on the guys were, and learned to use my hands as well as my mouth to keep them hot and make them pop.

  • Back in high school, started by comparing experiences with other girls who had done it with their boyfriends.
    My own boyfriend was always trying to persuade me to take him in my mouth, but my first time was with an older man that I used to babysit for. He pulled off the road when taking me home and I let him kiss me, then without warning he pulled my head down onto his knee and pressed his cock against my lips. Without thinking I opened my mouth and let him do it.
    When he came, I was surprised how much there was, it seemed to go everywhere. I admit that I didn’t really like the taste or texture at first, but manged to swallow it anyway, as I thought this would be expected of me. I found myself letting him do it again the next time and it became something we would do regularly. He was a very confident man and told me exactly what he liked and wanted me to do, which I am sure has been a benefit to the men I have met since.

  • I taught myself by listening to the men I was with and reading about it online. I watched a few videos that were pretty good as well. I have found that most guys could really care less about technique, they are just happy a woman is sucking on their cock.

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