Down on their knees.

So sunday afternoon, I had 6 of my buddies come over to watch some football on my big screen TV in my man cave. Our women were all up stairs drinking wine and doing what ever they do to keep themselves occupied. As we were drinking a few beers and waiting for the game to get started, my buddy Bob asked if we thought the players were going to kneel during the National Anthem. Being a Marine Corps veteran and a Purple Heart recipient , I told him if even one player kneeled that the game was going off and we'd have to find something else to do, or they could go elsewhere to watch it. As three more of us were also veterans, they all agreed to boycott the game with me if any players kneeled.
So, about thirty minutes later, as the band started playing, the entire fucking team took a knee, like a bunch of God damned American hating communist assholes. I grabbed the remote and hit the off button while my buddies stared in disbelief that American citizens could be so disrespectful to our flag and that for which it stands.
About that time, my wife came down to see if we needed more beer or chips or anything. She noticed the TV was off and asked what was going on, and why we all looked so bummed out. I told her that our entire team took a knee during the Anthem, and so we were not watching the game. She said that was a bummer, then headed back up stairs.
About ten minutes later, we were all setting around bitching about the NFL, and wondering what we were gonna do for the rest of the afternoon. I grabbed the remote and turned the TV back on and started flicking through the channels to see what else was on. About that time, my wife came back downstairs, followed by all the other guys wives. They all had big smiles on their faces as they walked up to each of us, and dropped down to their knees in front of us. As they started unzipping our pants, one of them said that they decided that if our team was going to take a knee and piss us off, that they would take to their knees to cheer us up. We were all totally shocked, as none of us had ever done anything sexual in front of each other before. I think we were all a little embarrassed at first, but when the cock sucking started, we all got into it and it wasn't long before us and our wives were all nuded up and going at it like rabbits in heat. Turned out to be the best football party ever. We are all looking forwards to next Sunday, I talked to my wife, and she thinks at least two of her friends are open to swapping partners, so it could work out very nicely.

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  • So sexy. I'd like to do something like this with my husband and his friends and wives, but I don't think I could get anyone else to do it.

  • Wow that’s hot simper fi

  • I love to lick your fuckinhhottie little clit for u

  • Fuck you and Trump with the bullshit flag worship. I’ll pick my nose and wipe my ass before I stand for any anthem with him being president. Tell you what PSTD man, go play with your guns like you did when you murdered kids and civilians in Iraq. Their souls haunt you at night and you wake up in sweats, cold ones that chill you. Can you smell the blood and splattered brains right before you wake?

  • Piss off

  • Sounds like your panties are in a bind. You best crawl back to your safe space and suck on your thumb for a while, and rest assured that us real men and women of the US military are keeping you little pansies safe at night, no matter how appalling that may seem to you.

  • Blah, you are a wasted PTSD vet that will probably kill again or himself. Go worship Trump and die for him if you want, I’ll go fuck Trump sluts then go drive my Porsche. Lots more funner! I especially like to fool them into thinking I’m a MAGA guy and fuck them in the ass then get rid of them. It’s easy.

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