Appearances can be deceptive

My wife and i are both in our early 40s. We have 3 sons at home, (triplets age 5) they are a nightmare, so finding the time to get intimate is a rare thing! But one weekend a month, we pack the boys off to their grandparents and we get friday to sunday morning free. In that weekend, my wife becomes a totally different person. A slut if you wish, I love seeing her transfer from Mom to a dirty whore. Gone are the sweatpants and chucks, my wife is in slutty dresses revealing her ample tits, which the boys still nurse on just before bed, yet that one weekend, they're mine! I keep the supply up don't you worry! Gorgeous high heels, red lipstick. She'll wear it around the house, and we'll fuck whenever we want, she loves dirty talk, we go dogging, fuck in front of people masturbating through the car window. Occasionally ill allow her to be touched up. By the Sunday morning, her hair is crispy with cum, her slit is gaping and sore, and she's covered in love bits to remind her of our weekend. Then she showers, gets her mom clothes on, and is back to mom/wife. 10 more days and my slut is back.


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  • We had 3 boys all born close together which was plenty of work enough. Your guys days have to be pretty tuff with triplets. Good for you guys to play as you do. It is so easy for moms to slide deep into mommy mode and forget you who she once was.

  • You are one very lucky couple, we are both in our 40’s and can never find the time to get busy!
    When we do get the time we are to exhausted to even think about sex.
    It’s now becoming a problem for us both in life.
    Good luck to you both with triplets, that’s hard work.

  • Thanks! Yes its difficult, but you have to have 'you time.' Triplets are soo much hard work, i didn't think it would be this hard. They don't all sleep through, they're in and out constant. And they fight 24-7.

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