Paying the pipers

I ran into 3 upperclassmen whom grabbed and held me against the wall. All they said this is for you did to nates little brother. They took my bag, and stuff. As one started to take my sweatshirt off 2 more walked up and said stop.

No no no, we were told they made nate do it himself. Looking at me, i was told to get down to my bare essentials. Without a way out and the bell ringing i did as told.

I stood there only in my underwear, i could hear students in the halls. Lets go they said, i went to grab my stuff and was in return grabbed by my arms , taken away.

I was taken where only juniors and seniors went to hang out. There i was met with nates bigger siblings. I was stripped full nude, and a hood put over my head. Crawling on all fours i heard lots of people.

Begging for my clothes back, i was told nate wasnt given them back. I was stood up and my hands were tied together and put above my head.

There and then i heard what happen to nate. When it got to where he lost all his coverage the hood was removed.

I was naked in front of 20+ people. I was to endure what he did and more.

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